The Parallel Deaths of Meadowlark Lemon and Dave Henderson: On the Ritual Sacrifices of Sports Actors

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 11.55.40 AM

Harlem Globetrotters’ George “Meadowlark” Lemon has died at 83. GEORGE LEMON=116 and he was born on 116th day of 1932, April 25th. His birthday has a Life Lesson Number of 44 (4+25+1+9+3+2). Kill=44.

  • (4/25/32) =61/26. God =61/26. Meadow=61. Clown Prince of Harlem Globetrotters=161. Lemon & Henderson=161. Expiration Date=161. Murder-Death-Kill=161.
  • George Lemon =62. Meadowlark Lemon =162. See that? 162 the fulfilment of 62 like his professional nickname as the fulfilment of his destiny since birth. And his name Gematria 62 the mirror of his 26 birth numerology.
  • And Lemon died on the same day as baseball player DAVE HENDERSON=62. Another 62! (Henderson=57, World Series=57, and he died 57 days after the World Series at age 57). DAVID LEE HENDERSON=83 and Lemon died at age 83.

EIGHTY-THREE=67 and Lemon died in SCOTTSDALE ARIZONA=67 (as we covered in the previous report, MLK died at FIVE AFTER SEVEN=67 at the LORRAINE MOTEL=67 (Blood Sacrifice / Satanic / Cycles) — he died 47 years ago and Lemon and Henderson died on a date with 47 numerology.) Soccer player ALFRED PACHECO=67 also died on 12/27, shot to death. He weighed 67 kg. Henderson died at FIFTY-SEVEN=131/50. Baseball Player=131. Championship=131. SuperBowl=131 and next is the 50th.

  • With such tight Super Bowl coding, did NFL Week Sixteen (12/27) give us clues to the Super Bowl on 2/7? Perhaps as Lemon died in Arizona and Henderson finished the season with Kansas City, we’ll see the Super Bowl 50 matchup between Chiefs and Cardinals.


GLOBETROTTERS =59, LEMON=59, the number coded derogatively on black folk (Negro / Slave / Rasta / Gangbangers / Miles Davis / Blues / Strange Fruit / Black Magician / Black Propaganda / Crow / Kill)

Lemon and Henderson died on Sunday December 27th, 2015 – a date with the sacred numerology of 47/74. Star of David=47. Masonic=74.

  • “Meadowlark”=83 is renowned the “Clown Prince of Basketball”=83.
  • Henderson was born in “Merced CA”=52 and his nickname “Hendu”=52. Cam Newton #One =52 and his Carolina Panthers lost their first game of the season (total score of 33) on the same day that North Carolina’s own Meadowlark Lemon died.



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