The Ritual Sacrifice of Central American Footballers


Alfredo Pacheco, a disgraced former top soccer player for El Salvador, has been shot to death, authorities said. Pacheco, whose career included a spell at the New York Red Bulls, was shot early Sunday at a gas station in Santa Ana, his hometown in northwestern El Salvador, officials said. The 33-year-old defender was El Salvador’s most capped player. But his career was plunged into ignominy in 2013 when the Salvadorean Football Federation banned him and 12 other players for life for match-fixing.

ALFREDO PACHECO =67 (Blood Sacrifice), 112 (Presidential Assassination). Born 12/1/82 =95 (Alfredo Alberto Pacheco) =104 (The Harlem Globetrotters / State Sponsored Terrorism / Super Bowl Terrorism), =33 and he died at age 33. In El Salvador his birthday is written 1/12 like his 112 name gematria. Blood Sacrifice=121/67 for perfect coding that way, too. Salvadorean Football Federation=121.

  • Interesting that he was banned for rigging games, as practically all pro games in all pro sports are rigged right up from the top for occult numerological ritual.
  • #RBNY =59 (KILL). 10:21 AM =121 (Blood Sacrifice).

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 1.53.00 PM

Pacheco entered and exited this reality in Santa Ana=17. KILL=17. The article points out that El Salvador experiences some 17 murders each day. And get this: Arnold Peralta, a Honduran footballer, was shot and killed – 17 days before Pacheco. This reinforces the reminder of 76ers Darryl Dawkins and Moses Malone dying 17 days apart. (Notice both footballers have AP initials: A=1 P=7.) They were also both shot and killed in their hometowns.


ARNOLD PERALTA =56/137 (Mind Control =56/137) [33rd prime number]. Arnold=64 (Thelema / Do What Thou Wilt / Sacrificial Lamb). Peralta=73 (Sacrifice / Ritual Sacrifice / Sacrificial Lamb). Peralta was born 29/3/89 =101 (Assassin), =120 (Illuminati), =59 (Kill / RBNY).

  • Peralta was shot and killed on (12/10/15) =37 (Honduras / El Salvador), =57 (Thirty-Seven / Henderson / World Series) [Henderson died at 57, 57 days after World Series]. 12/10 like 121=Blood Sacrifice, like Pacheco born on 12/1.
  • He died at 26 years old and made 26 appearances in his international career with Honduras.

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