Duck Hunting Country Singer Vanishes into Winter Storm Goliath


Country singer Craig Strickland of Backroad Anthem is missing and his friend, Chase Morland, is dead, after setting off to hunt ducks during a nasty winter storm in Kay County, Oklahoma. What’s weird about stories like this is sure, these things happen, but when it’s top story on the psychological warfare machine and coded up with harmonic alphanumerics, it makes one question if this actually occurred and CNN is capitalizing on and exaggerating its natural harmonics – or if its all make-believe made-for-tv fictional drama and Chase and Craig are currently getting drunk with Lemmy on some off-grid island.

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 11.27.50 AM

First notice the 211 retweets: KAY COUNTY OKLAHOMA=211. MASONIC MIND CONTROL=211. (The news broke on 12/29, exactly 2 months 11 days after the 30th anniversary of the release of NES Duck Hunt). Kay County=44 (Duck Hunter / Kill), =161 (Murder-Death-Kill). Also, if we play around a little with the code and subtract 211 from 399 we get 188. COUNTRY SINGER =188.

  • CRAIG=38 (Death) STRICKLAND=666. CRAIG STRICKLAND =68 (Barack Obama), =149 (Skull and Bones / A Country Singer Missing After Hunt).
  • Chase=36 (Goliath) Morland=77 (Craig Strickland / Country and Western) CHASE MORLAND =59. INTO THE STORM =59. KILL =59. Chase Morland =113 (News Corp / Super Bowl Terrorism / State Sponsored Terror / The Thirteen Bloodlines).
  • Backroad Anthem =116. Country =116. Craig’s Dog Sam =116, (Sam=33).

The feature song on Strickland’s website is LIQUOR STORE BLUES =93. WINTER STORM GOLIATH =93. PROPAGANDA =93.

And check out the 59 codings in the time stamp from Craig’s wife, a former Miss Arkansas… Helen=44. Duck Hunter=44. Miss Arkansas USA=59. HAARP=59. Monarch Slave=59. Project Monarch=159. Beta Programming=159. Deep-Coded Haarp Weather Manipulation=159.

  • duck hunters =144. miss arkansas =144. killer =144.


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