Lemmy’s Ritual Sacrifice: Let Me Kill Master and the Motörhead Massacre


Rock n Roll legend Lemmy has died, four days after his birthday and just two days after being diagnosed with an extremely aggressive cancer. Likely story. As the alphanumeric coding suggests, Lemmy was either the latest ritual blood sacrifice, or the latest to be coerced into faking his own death for occult purposes. Lemmy’s death comes the day after the trifecta sacrifice of three sports stars (and subject of the previous two reports).

MURDER ONE =113. IAN FRASER LEMMY KILMISTER =113. LEMMY KILMISTER SACRIFICE =113 (State Sponsored Terror / The Thirteen Bloodlines / Dishonest). LEMMY=68 (Died Two Days Later / Barack Obama / Assassinated / Mossad Conspiracy). KILMISTER=44 (Kill / Cancer / Chemo / Jack Daniels / Xmas Lemmy).

  • Born on Xmas Eve (12/24/45) =55 (TWO DAYS LATER / DEAD AT SEVENTY / LET ME / Satan / Phil Taylor), =100 (Masonic Ritual Murder / Satanic Magic / Psychological Warfare), =81 (Mass Mind Control / Murder By Numbers).
  • Died (12/28/15) =55 (TWO DAYS LATER / DEAD AT SEVENTY / LET ME / Satan / Phil Taylor), =48 (Lemmy [408] / Illuminati / Hoax) – Lemmy diagnosed with cancer 48 hours before he died; =75 (LET ME KILL MISTER / CHRISTMAS EVE LEMMY / ALCOHOLIC ROCKSTAR / REST IN PEACE LEMMY / ROCKSTAR’S DEATH HOAX / New World Order) – Lemmy formed Motorhead in ’75.
  • Birthday 12/24 like DIVIDE AND CONQUER =1224. Deathday 12/28 like the fulfilment of 228: DEATH=228. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA=228. WE’RE FUCKING ARTISTS=228.
  • Lemmy dies 4 days after his birthday: DIED FOUR DAYS LATER =187/79. Obama was born 187 months after Lemmy. MURDER=79. ASSASSINATION=79. OBAMA’S RITUAL SACRIFICE=790.

Lemmy Killed=121. Blood Sacrifice=121. Lemmy Murdered=156. (Lemmy’s nickname) GOD=156. False Flag=156. Thirty-Three=156.

  • The band’s Facebook page announced his passing by calling him “OUR MIGHTY NOBLE FRIEND LEMMY”=137 (Mind Control / Church of Satan) – 33rd prime number.
  • Motorhead =99. Ian Fraser Kilmister =99. Boxing Day Diagnosis =99. Lemmy Blood Sacrifice =99.


And it gets even weirder: Lemmy’s ex-drummer for Motorhead, Phil Taylor, died just 48 days earlier on 11/11. Again, Lemmy died on a date with 48 numerology (Propaganda / Hoax / Illuminati / Six-Six-Six) just 48 hours after being diagnosed. That’s also 1 month 18 days =118. DEATH=118. SACRIFICIAL LAMB=118.

  • 6 weeks 6 days =66. LET ME KILL MISTER =66. ROCKSTAR SLAYING =66. TWENTY-SEVEN CLUB =66. ASSASSIN =606. RIP LEMMY =666.

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 10.43.44 PM.png

PHIL TAYLOR =55 (The Ace of Spades / Satan / Symbolism / Manipulation) – Lemmy’s death numerology. aka PHILTHY ANIMAL TAYLOR =239 (The Thirteen Bloodlines / The Gang of Thirty-Three / The 44th President Barack Obama / President Obama Poisoned /  Mind Control Technique / Global Elite / Golden Gate) — America is currently 239 years old.

  • Taylor born (9/21/54) =84 (Obama / United States of America), =103 (Presidential Assassination / Terrorist Incident / Cognitive Distortion), =49 (Ace of Spades / Satanic Ritual / Zionist).
  • Taylor died (11/11/15) =57 (Lemmy Fake Death / Four Days Later)

Taylor died at age 61=GOD like Lemmy’s nickname. LEMMY KILMISTER =67. LET ME KILL MASTER=67. PHILTHY ANIMAL =67. BLOOD SACRIFICE =67.




  • Scott Weiland died at age 48 and Lemmy died on a date with 48 numerology 48 days after his drummer died and 48 hours after being diagnosed with cancer. Weiland=408. Lemmy=408. Weiland died 26 days before Lemmy whose nickname is God=26.
  • SCOTT WEILAND=55 (STP=55) and Lemmy had both birth and death numerology of 55.
  • Lemmy Ritual Sacrifice =96 (Freemason / Satanism / MK-Ultra)
  • LEMMY KILMISTER =1104 and died on the day the Broncos beat the Bengals in rigged Monday Night Football to set both records at 11-4. Perhaps more evidence of a Broncos Super Bowl (41 days later when BRONCOS=41).


And let’s just recognize that Lemmy’s standard costume is decked out in hella Masonic symbolism: all Knights Templar crosses and Skull & Bones. CAVALRY HAT =666. RIP LEMMY =666.

  • Rock and Roll =51. Templar Cross =51. Skull & Crossbones =51.

And here’s a trippy synchronicity I stumbled across: Lemmy’s hat was symbolically stolen on May 17th, 2002. That’s the 137th day of the year (Mind Control / Our Mighty and Noble Friend Lemmy / the 33rd prime), which leaves 228 days remaining. The fulfilment of 228 – the next level losing your hat – is 1228 and Lemmy died on 12/28: 13 years 7 months later.

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 1.29.30 AM

  • WHO STOLE LEMMY’S HAT =233 (MK-Ultra Mind Control), =71 (Rockstar Killing / Musicians Killed / Ritual Murders / Mossad)
  • MAY SEVENTEENTH =68 (Lemmy / Died Two Days Later / Barack Obama / Assassinated / Mossad Conspiracy / Maltese Cross)
  • (5/17/02) has a life lesson number of 26=God. Two Days=26. Xmas Eve=26. God=61. Christmas Eve=61.
  • (5+17+20+02) =44. Kill=44. Kilmister=44. Cancer=44.

And that article refers to Lemmy’s hat as “ONE OF METAL’S DIVINE ARTIFACTS OF EVIL”=156. GOD=156. What are the odds?

  • And In Jewish Gematria: LEMMY =485. HUMAN SACRIFICE =485. SATAN IS LORD =485.

9 thoughts on “Lemmy’s Ritual Sacrifice: Let Me Kill Master and the Motörhead Massacre

  1. If you look at his last interview he looks like he’s at deaths door. I don’t know whether Lemmy was ever into that Masonic/Illuminati shite. Maybe he was. But he’s definitely not now. Cancer is the answer, not maths.


    • Lol the highest form of ignorance is condemnation without investigation. I have 450 posts all showing the same numbers deliberately coded into language and ritual events so that’s either an astronomically impossible coincidence or it’s legit. So do yourself a favour and consider the possibilities or shut your dumb ass up.


    • “In the apartment, in the blessedly-cool shaded apartment, she tried to tell herself that she was mad. You’re going to have your baby in four days, Idiot Girl. Maybe even less. So you’re all tense and nutty and you’ve built up a whole lunatic persecution thing out of a bunch of completely unrelated coincidences. There are no real witches. There are no real spells.”

      From ‘Rosemary’s Baby’


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