Rapper King Louie Survives Gunshot To Head in Obama Predictive Programming Ritual

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 12.39.45 PM

Shiftiest eyes, suggestive of the lies. Chicago’s King Louie, shot in the head just a week before this interview. “I was in my car, I was starting to leave a friend’s house and someone started shooting at my car. I think they shot 22 shots or whatever, and I was hit seven times,” he told anchor Don Lemon. “Three of the slugs are still with me today. Two in my chest and one in my head.” So he’s saying he has a bullet lodged in his head, yet here is a week later acting like nothing happened. The three bullets reminds of the 3 shots at JFK and the 3 shots at RFK.

7/22 shots eh. Not only is that fraction the approximation for pi (3.14), Lincoln died at 7:22 am and Reagan was shot at 2:27 pm. Right on the surface we have suggestive coding connected to presidential assassinations – with an obvious link to Obama who hails from Chicago politically.

  • King Louie =103. Presidential Assassination =103.
  • King Louie =49. Chicago IL =49. Revelation =49. In the interview he says, “The devil’s working overtime evil”=149.

When Don=33 asks King L what’s going on in Chicago, the rapper replies “THE DEVIL’S WORKING OVERTIME”=128. Which is code for: INVISIBLE JEWISH GOVERNMENT=128. DECEIVING AND BEING DECEIVED=128. HOW TO MANIPULATE THE GENTILES=128. FULL OF HATRED=128. FOUR ONE ONE=128 (Assassin=411).


  • King L was born Dec 27, 1987, which gives him a life lesson number of 44 (12+27+1+9+8+7). Kill=44, Hope=44, like Obama the 44th president and JFK the 44th-term president.
  • (12+27+19+87) =145. Chicago Illinois =145. Gun Activist =145. Obama Gets Shot =145. Nostradamus =145. The Jungle Book =145 (King Louie is the name of the orangutan from the Disney movie…)
  • Louis King Johnson Jr.=96 (Freemason / Satanism / MK-Ultra). King Louie the orangutan is also in the show TaleSpin=96. And maybe he’s named after an orangutan because ORANGUTAN=666.

L was shot on Dec 23rd, 2015, four days before his birthday – reminding us of Lemmy dying on Dec 28th, four days after his birthday. (12/23/15) has a life lesson number of 43 (Assassination / Murdered) – like Obama is the 43rd man elected president.

  • (12+23+15)=50 or L in Roman numerals – like the upcoming Super Bowl 50: KING L =53. KING FIFTY =53. KING CHARLES =53. EMP CHICAGO =53. BY THE NUMBERS =53.
  • (12+23+20+15)=70, age Lemmy died at. ASSASSINATION=70. SEVENTY=38. ASSASSIN=38. DEATH=38. KILLING=38. CHIRAQ=38 (a term King L is credited with coining). THE DEVIL’S WORKING OVERTIME=308.
  • If the shooting were real and it killed him, he would have joined the 27 Club having been born on the 27th day.

King L has a trilogy of albums called DRILUMINATI =61/142. PRESIDENT OBAMA =142 and he was born in ’61. His genres of hip hop are DRILL MUSIC =48/120 and TRAP MUSIC =48/120. Same double gematria eh, oh look what else matches: ILLUMINATI =48/120. King L: owned and operated by the Zionist/Masonic Mafia with their North America branch based out of Chicago. Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 2.10.34 PMScreen Shot 2015-12-29 at 2.11.32 PM

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