Secret Service Car Crash


Here we have yet another story involving something bad happening to the Secret Service, this time a CAR CRASH=44 involving the on-duty agents’ FORD TAURUS=44 and a MERCURY SABLE=142/61 (President Obama=142 and was born in ’61). Secret Service =61. Agent Danforth =61 (the driver who died).

  • It happened in NEW HAMPSHIRE=139 (Freemasonry / Presidential Assassination) and the agents were rushed to Frisbee Hospital. FRISBEE=64. Barack Hussein Obama=64.
  • Secret Service Car Crash =222/96. Secret Service Agents Hurt =113/122. Four Secret Service Agents Hurt =137.

Brother Berg is off on a snowboarding trip / digital detox for a few days so unless something major happens I’ll be back on the 2nd. Happy New Year!

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