JP Adams: The French Footballer and the Thirty-Three Year Coma


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Jean-Pierre Adams (born 10 March 1948) is a French former international footballer. Along with Marius Trésor, he was a member of the garde noire (black guard) as France’s centre back. Since 17 March 1982, he has been in a coma following an operation. – CNN

  • Article from 1/4 when COMA =14 (3+6+4+1). And the date has a numerology of 14 (1+4+2+0+1+6) and 41 (1+4+20+16). Fourteen =41. Team France =41.
  • 33 years… “A COMA” =33 (1+3+15+13+1). His nickname Garde Noire =96. Freemason =96 and the ranging degrees of Scottish Rite Freemasonry sum to 96 (31+32+33).

Freemasonry =139/67. Jean-Pierre Adams =139/67 and he is now 67 years old. Jean-Pierre =56 (Star of David / President), =101 (Assassin). Adams =38 (Masonic / PsyOps).

  • Born [3/10/48] =101 (Jean-Pierre), =36 (Senegal)
  • Coma [3/17/82] =102 (Thirty-Three Year Coma)

Born in a Leap Year, his current age in leap years is 17. JP = 1+7. He’s from DAKAR=17. (SEVENTEEN=109. THE 33-YEAR COMA THAT CAN’T STOP LOVE =109. COMATOSE=91.) SEVENTEEN YEARS =177. ONE SEVEN SEVEN =1775. And check out the exact number of weeks he’d been alive on that fateful day he fell into a coma.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 6.12.59 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-04 at 6.11.40 PM

He slipped into a coma on the 17th of March – seven days after his 34th birthday. SEVEN DAYS LATER =170. VEGETABLE=34. VEGETABLE STATE=144.

  • March 17th is of course ST PATRICKS DAY =67. like JEAN PIERRE ADAMS =67 and this article comes 67 days before his birthday, and he’s currently 67 years old. (It’s also 10 weeks 3 days =103 to the anniversary of his coma and THIRTY-THREE YEARS AGO =103)
  • St Patricks =46. A Vegetable State =46. [the mirror of which] “JP ADAMS”=64.

And for yet another connection to the date, on ST PATRICKS DAY =166 he walked into LYON HOSPITAL =166 “for some routine surgery to correct a troublesome knee. By the time he left, he would never talk, walk or move any of his limbs again.” DISINFORMATION =166. PSYCHIC DRIVING =166. IT IS WRITTEN =166.


So what do you reckon? Is the story of JP Adams a hoax? Was he deliberately placed in a coma for some ulterior motive? Or this is a genuine case of numerological synchronicity and fate?


One thought on “JP Adams: The French Footballer and the Thirty-Three Year Coma

  1. The permanent Coma is very much on purpose, and sends a clear signal to the rest of the athletes to stay in line – no matter their skin color. The article serves as a reminder for those who may have forgotten – we’re all slaves.

    To pick up on your ending comment about 166…..

    JPA =661. Jean Pierre =606. French Footballer =160.

    For those of you familiar w/ the Gematria that surrounds Thelema – the sacrifice is clear….

    JP Adams =64. Deep Sleep =522. In medicine, coma (from the Greek κῶμα koma, meaning “deep sleep”


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