Missing Country Singer Update and the Alien Assassins from Tel Aviv

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 5.23.54 PM

Craig Strickland Found Lying in the Shape of a Cross =216. Operative Masonry =216. Barack =216. 6x6x6 =216 and of course it’s now 2016. And notice the 4.8k shares: Six-Six-Six=48. Illuminati=48.

  • FOUND LYING IN THE SHAPE OF A CROSS =139. FREEMASONRY =139. MASONIC HITMAN =139. PRESIDENTIAL ASSASSINATION =139. “Lying in the Shape of a Cross”=115 (Religious / Trinity / Freemasons / Killing / Psychological Operations). And with the s-exception =142. PRESIDENT OBAMA =142.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 5.06.19 PM

  • Notice the timestamp 11:20 like 112. Presidential Assassination =112. And the guy has a connection as Craig Strickland =68 and in the first image the text TYOH =68 (Barack Obama =68) and he died on Kaw Lake =64 (Barack Hussein Obama =64). MISSING COUNTRY SINGER FOUND DEAD =145. OBAMA GETS SHOT =145.

Update on the story covered in our post: Duck Hunting Country Singer Vanishes Into Winter Storm Goliath finds Craig Strickland has died. What sticks out is CRAIG=29 and he’s 29, just like the lone gunman in Tel Aviv’s surname equals 29 and is also 29 years old (and also missing aka on the run). Also the inclusion of the OKLAHOMA HIGHWAY PATROL =239, just like the Tel Aviv venue HA SIMTA =239, referencing the age of America.

  • The CNN article also gives the exact location as OKLAHOMA’S KAW LAKE =159/51. They were out there DUCK HUNTING=51 (Conspiracy / Freemason / Zionism / Psychodrama / Distraction). And that 159 connects again to the Israeli New Years Psyop as “Israeli Secret Intelligence Service”=159. Mass Shooting =159. As well as the timestamp coding on Mrs. Strickland’s tweets.
  • And just as we had some 144s show up in the original story (Duck Hunters / Miss Arkansas) we now have the body being found TEN DAYS LATER =144. And curiously 10 days is equivalent to 14,400 minutes.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 4.53.39 PM

They update the retweets and favs numbers: emphasis on 77. “In Case We Don’t Come Back”=77. Craig Strickland =77. Morland =77. Weather Control =177.

  • And just for fun: the 1,077 reminds me of the Black Knight Alien Message from that weird Pepsi commercial: “We came to you, many thousands of years ago. When your civilization was young. You have grown quickly and efficiently, but you still have so much to learn. If you want us to return, on the night of your next full moon, the people of Earth must show us they are ready. We will be watching.” =1077. And the two dudes went missing the day after the next full moon which was on Christmas.

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