Alphanumeric Evidence for a Broncos Super Bowl

Divisional Playoffs - San Diego Chargers v Denver Broncos

DENVER BRONCOS =154. LEVI’S STADIUM =154. Denver was incorporated on 11/7/1861 – 154 years ago. (154+154=308, Super Bowl played on 38th day). The day after Denver’s 154th anniversary, in week 8 of the NFL, the Broncos lost their first game of the season to the Colts – the team on which Peyton Manning made his mark – with a total score of 51. Making this extra-curious is his last Super Bowl appearance, SB-48, also finished with a total of 51 points. (Fifty-One =100. Playoffs =100. Sports Authority Field =100.) DENVER COLORADO =151. ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-FOUR YEARS LATER =151.

  • SUPER BOWL =131. CHAMPIONSHIP =131. ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-FOUR YEARS =131. Broncos won their last Super Bowl, Super Bowl 33, on 1/31/99. (1+3+1+1+9+9+9) =33 and (1+31+99) =131.
  • When Manning scores a TD at this year’s Bowl, he’ll surpass Elway to be the oldest in history to do so: MANNING OLDEST TO SCORE TOUCHDOWN =131. (FIFTY-SEVEN =131). GOLDEN=57.
  • Meet the Peytons of Indiana =119. The Broncos =119. Shmita Year =119.

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 10.19.41 AM

Broncos Super Bowl =1722. February Seventh =1722. San Francisco’s Super Bowl 50 is on 2/7 and the 1722 is connected to assassination cycles: Lincoln died at 7:22 am and Regan was shot at 2:27 pm. 7/22 is the approximation of pi (3.14) representing fractal time.

  • 50th anniversary is A GOLDEN JUBILEE =122. We’ve been seeing much coding for 122 lately, connected to SAN FRANCISCO =122/50, GOLDEN STATE =122, POPE FRANCIS =122, AN EARTHQUAKE =122, etc. Peyton Manning has birth numerology of 122. The Golden Super Bowl =221.
  • From the date 1/22 to 2/7 is 16 days here in 2016. SIXTEEN DAYS =1044. Denver’s nickname is QUEEN CITY OF THE WEST =1440. Seventy-One=144. Super Bowl Fifty =71. Golden Super Bowl =71.
  • One Four Four =154. One Forty-Four =178. Santa Clara California =178. President Barack Obama =178.
  • Denver Broncos =73. San Fran =73. Sports Authority =73.
  • Also from the date of Pope’s arrival in America (9/22/15) to the target date of (1/22/16) is 122 days. TIMELY DEATH =122. And from 9/11/01 to 1/22/16 is 14 years 4 months 11 days =14411…

ON THE THIRTY-EIGHTH DAY =114. PEYTON MANNING EIGHTEEN =114. And get this: Genesis 1:14 is the reference to the Jubilee Years in the Old Testament, and according to the Torah, we entered a Jubilee Year on Yom Kippur – Sept. 23, 2015. The timespan between 9/23/15 and Super Bowl on 2/7/16 is: 138 days.

Feb 7th, 2016, is the 38th day (Super Bowl 48 had a numerology of 38) and FIVE-OH=38. COLORADO=38, DEATH=38 and THIRTY-EIGHTH DAY =1239/187, the California code for homicide and in numerology the fulfilment of 87. THE DENVER BRONCOS =187. “A Manning Super Bowl” =87. Queen City of the West =87. Domestic Terrorists =87. (At the time of writing, the current headline on CNN is a tearful Obama and the caption “GETS ME MAD”=87). NINETY=87 and in Manning’s three Super Bowl appearances he’s thrown a total of 90 completions.

Super Bowl Football ExhibitTerrell Davis =64. Denver Broncos =64. Dude was my favourite player back when I was a tailback in high school. 

Broncos ended the year with a total of 296 points against and 355 points for. That’s a total of 651 points. Hold a mirror up to that and we get the God number: 156 (Thirty-Three / False Flag / Six-Six-Six / Triple Sixes). Elway made 156 rushing attempts in four Super Bowls.

Another of the three God numbers is 61, the year Denver was incorporated – and Broncos coach Gary Kubiak was born in 1961 (and he won a total of 61 games with his previous team, Houston). PEYTON MANNING =61. In the vein of OJ, you could call him A WHITE BRONCO =61. And “Sixty-One”=131 (Super Bowl). 

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 5.16.44 PM

  • One Five Six =56. Broncos are currently in their 56th season. Fifty-Sixth =56. And again, the fulfilment of 56 is 156.
  • ONE FIFTY-SIX =62. SUPER BOWL SUNDAY =62. Pat Bowlen Trust =62 (broncos owners). ONE FIFTY-SIX =71 (Manning enters the playoffs with a career total of 71 fumbles), =152 (and a career total 251 interceptions)
  • BRONCOS ARE GOD =64. DENVER BRONCOS =64. JUBILEE =64. (Super Bowl 50 will be the 46th modern-era NFL championship game).

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 12.33.34 AM

Another way to look at the 355-296 total score is to examine the difference of 59. SAN FRANCISCO =59. Manning went 5-for-9 in his last game of the season and finished with a total 59.8% completion rate. The reversal connects to “Super Bowl Terrorism”=95. PEYTON=95. THE GOLDEN SUPER BOWL =95. It’s been 19 weeks 5 days (195) since Yom Kippur and the Jubilee Year.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 3.48.05 PM

  • John Elway =2024.

Manning’s QB-rating rounds up to 68 and PEYTON MANNING =68, DENVER =68, MILE HIGH SALUTE =68 and BRONCOS =86. (Coach Kubiak goes into the playoffs with 68 career losses as head coach). Manning was born in a leap year, on the 84th day (or 83rd day in a regular year). March 24th is the 365th and last day of the Julian calendar. Curiously, this year’s Super Bowl on Feb 7th calculates to Jan 25th on the Julian calendar. JANUARY TWENTY-FIFTH=84, connecting back to Manning’s birthday. CAROLINA PANTHERS =84 (potential opponent). MANCHURIAN ATHLETES =84. Also the mirror of 48, and the last Broncos Super Bowl win was SB 48. (Elway ended his 16-year career with 148 wins; in Jewish Gematria: Jubilee =841).

  • Peyton Manning One Eight =115. Kubiak has a current win % of .511. The first ever Super Bowl was played on 1/15 of ’67. This date has numerology of 102 (San Francisco California =102), 39 (Manning is 39 years old), 30 (Five-O / Six Hundred Fifty-One Points =130) and 83 (Football =83 like Manning’s birthday on the 83rd day, Elway drafted in ’83, and Tom Brady born 8/3) — The mirror of 83 connecting to the 38th day of the year, 2/7. [Manning’s highest QB rating this season came on the 27th of Sept: 101.7]
  • That first Super Bowl coming in 67 and Manning finishing with NINE TOUCHDOWNS =67. That’s 49 years ago, like the San Francisco 49ers host team. Another of Denver’s nicknames is WALL STREET WEST =49. ON THE THIRTY-EIGHTH DAY =249.


  • 02-07-16. TWO SEVEN SIXTEEN =66. ELWAY =66. NFL =66. The NFL was established in ’66 and the first Super Bowl was at the end of the ’66 season. THIRTY-THREE =66/156.
  • If Broncos win this Super Bowl they will be 3-3 all time. BRONCOS THREE AND THREE =100. Completion. Like 2016 reduces to 9, representing completion, like Manning’s #18.


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