Vikings-Seahawks Gematria Preview and the (Blood) Sacrifices for Success


Minnesota Vikings (11-5) are hosting Seattle Seahawks (10-6) in the Vikes’ first playoff game since 2009. The Wild Card Round match-up at TCF Bank Stadium – the University of Minnesota’s stadium being used while the new dome is under construction – is forecast to be one of the coldest playoff games in history: -23 F. MINUS TWENTY-THREE =239 (More on this number below).

  • Game numerology: [1/10/16] =27, 47, 11.
  • MINNESOTA =47/110. “Unbelievable”=47/110 – what former Gopher and Super Bowl winning coach Tony Dungy calls the stadium on its Wikipedia page.
  • 27 numerology like 72: Viking=72. Golden Gopher=72. Teddy Bridgewater got his first start exactly 72 weeks before this game.

Recalling the 666 connection between 144 and 2016: TCF BANK STADIUM =144. Forty-Four =144. The open-air stadium sits on the 44th parallel and the 93rd meridian. “Minnesota Vikings”=93. Fun fact from the Wiki is “University of Minnesota”=113 and the stadium has 113 restrooms. It also cost $30.3 million to build (333). Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater’s full name is “Theodore Edmond ‘Teddy’ Bridgewater II”=333. Dude was probably grown in a laboratory in some deep underground military base, along with stud running back ADRIAN PETERSON =69/159.

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Minnesota Vikings

  • Peterson’s two-year-old son died on 10/11/13 in what has been called his blood sacrifice for The Club. That’s 822 days before this playoff game on 1/10/16. Death=228. Gold=228. Peterson wears #28. 
  • His son died exactly 4 years 4 days after Coach Zimmer’s wife. KILL=44. Vikings play on the 44th parallel. 

The “Golden Gophers”=145 and “The Vikes”=45, play at “TCF Bank Stadium”=45. Vikings used to play at the “Metrodome”=45. There may be significance to the number 45… It reduces to 9 (as does 2016) which represents completion before returning to 1. Coach Zimmer is the Vikings’ 9th head coach.

  • Vikings mascot is VIKTOR THE VIKING =83. FOOTBALL =83 (like Peyton Manning born on the 83rd day of the year and Tom Brady born on 8/3).
  • The Vikings =52. Bowl =52. America is 239 years old and 239 is the 52nd prime number.
  • THE VIKES =99. PURPLE PEOPLE EATERS =99/225 (Manning finished season with 225 y/g). PERFECT GAME =99. JOSEPH ROBERT PATTERSON =99 (the man who killed Peterson’s son).
  • THE PURPLE =49/121. REVELATION =49/121. The Purple and Gold =79 (last season they went 7-9). Purple and Gold =64. Vikings =64. Denver Broncos =64. Jubilee =64.

The Golden Jubilee of Super Bowl 50 in the Golden State. And think about the connection of the colour purple with royalty… particularly in the wake of a Kansas City Royals World Series. KANSAS CITY =122 (San Francisco / Golden State / A Golden Jubilee). Vikings head coach MIKE ZIMMER =122.

blg 023 vikings bears

  • Mike Zimmer =59 and he’s currently 59 years old. Kill=59. He was born on the 156th day of the year in ’56. GOD=156. SIXSIXSIX=156. THIRTY-THREE =156 (and this will be his 33rd game as head coach).
  • Zimmer =84. Minnesota Vikings =84. Cincinnati Bengals =84 (his last team). Manchurian Athletes =84. January Twenty-Fifth =84 (2/7 on the Julian calendar – Super Bowl Sunday).

Zimmer’s wife died unexpectedly on Oct 8, 2009 – a date that leaves 84 days remaining in the year… She died three days before the Vikings went 5-0 (like Super Bowl 50?) for the first time in six years. At the time, Zimmer was with the Bengals, and at the end of the season he was named NFL Assistant Coach of the Year. On Jan 15th, 2014, Zimmer was named head coach of the Vikings. EXACTLY 223 WEEKS AFTER HIS WIFE DIED.

  • The Synagogue of Satan =223. Masonic =223. Did Zimmer give up his wife for a blood sacrifice in exchange for success? If the Vikings go the distance this year it would certainly lead one to wonder.
  • If we don’t include the end date that 1560 days reduces to 156 the number of God/666. Thirty-Three =156 and Sixteen =33.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 1.27.46 PM

Zimmer’s son Adam is the Vikings’ Linebacker Coach, and was with the Chiefs when one of their linebackers, Javon Belcher, murdered his girlfriend and shot himself at the Chief’s training facility. Javon=17 and he wore #59. KILL=17/59. With the way the numbers synch up, perhaps it was the result of mind-control as a warning to the others.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 2.57.40 PM

  • BELCHER FIFTY-NINE =161. (His GF) KASANDRA PERKINS =161. MURDER-DEATH-KILL =161. ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-ONE =239 and we are in the 239th year of America. JAVON BELCHER =52 and 239 the 52nd prime number. JOVAN =62. KASANDRA PERKINS =62. SUPER BOWL SUNDAY =62.
  • Belcher committed the murder-suicide on 1/21/12, emphasis on 121= Blood Sacrifice. He shot himself in front of Romeo Crennel who is now the Defensive Coordinator for the Texans (who the Chiefs play this weekend…) After Belcher died, a plane would fly over Arrowhead Stadium with a banner reading “RESTORE HOPE”=144.
  • Belcher died 131 days after his birthday (Super Bowl =131) or 4 months 8 days. 48 is coded into every single blood sacrifice story recorded on Extra-Capsa. SPORTS ACTORS =48. And the 48th prime number is 223.

Adam Zimmer was understandably rattled by the event and 23 days later he crashed his car, getting a DUI. This happened on 12/23 =1223. The fulfilment of 223 like his old man getting the coaching job 223 weeks after Adam’s mom died. Very curious indeed…


7 thoughts on “Vikings-Seahawks Gematria Preview and the (Blood) Sacrifices for Success

  1. My football sense is says the Seahawks win. But in light of what i just read – serious pause is needed.

    The Minnesota Vikings =1404. Minnesota =110, and the game will be played on 1/10.

    If the Vikings win they will be 12-5 – like the date 5/12 – the day of the Philly train crash. From 5/12/15 to the game on 1/10/16 =243 days. The Minnesota Vikings =234.

    Seattle Seahawks =169, 1014. One Ten Sixteen =169, 1014.


  2. I Just got what I got – not trying to lean either way when it comes to the Gematria.

    Twin Cities =131. Super Bowl =131. Emerald City =115. Freemasons =115. Seahawk =1015.

    From last season’s SB 49 loss to the Patriots on 2/1/15 to the Minnesota playoff game on 1/10/16 = 11mo 9days.

    Minneapolis St Paul =72. Viking =72. The SB is on 2/7. Minneapolis =127. Masons Win =127.

    How come nobody is talking about a…..

    Patriots Seahawks Super Bowl Rematch =404. Pope Francis =404. Pope Francis =122. San Francisco =122. Golden State =122.

    Super Bowl Rematch =199. One Twenty Two =199. Do What Thou Wilt =199 ;p


  3. Using the Bacon Method – Seattle Seahawks =221. Seattle Wa =1222. Seattle Washington =212.

    Seattle =87. Super Bowl Bound =187. SB Fifty =87.

    Now get this….maybe its a different “rematch” alla SB 48 – Seahawks VS Broncos =2210.

    Super Bowl Forty Eight Rematch =2399. If we dare have some fun – 23+99 =122 🙂

    Super Bowl Forty Eight Rematch =332. Some more fun – 33×2 =66. Fifty =66. SB Fifty =33.

    Rematch =68. Denver =68. Broncos =86. Russell Wilson =186. Denver Co =86.

    Golden Super Bowl =188. Russell Wilson =1188.

    Seahawks VS Broncos Super Bowl Fifty =411. Seattle Seahawks =1014. I’m sure you have 114’s to add – holla!


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