Insanely Cold Coding (or Are We Just Over-Analyzing)

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 6.01.24 PM

The other day I forecasted a Vikings victory this weekend… First notice the 6 and 4 coded into this message. VIKINGS =64. PURPLE AND GOLD =64. And they beat the Packers, shown here, with a total score of 33. SEAHAWKS =33. (And remember that in the Francis Bacon method of Gematria, capital G=33).

  • six layers on top =212. vikes win =112. hawks defeated =112.
  • four on the bottom =72. viking =72. Bridgewater got his first start 72 weeks earlier and game day as 27 numerology.
  • six layers on top four on the bottom =149. hawks defeated =49.

Looking like confirmation of  the Vikings prediction, right? But then we get this from the CNN weather forecast:

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 9.06.20 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-08 at 8.30.39 PM

But then we get this image: FORGET MILK GOT HEAT =84. MINNESOTA VIKINGS =84. ZIMMER =84. And it’s been 48 years since the coldest playoff game in history. Chief’s Javon Belcher murder-suicided 4 months 8 days after his birthday and the 48th prime number is 223, like Coach Zimmer’s wife dying unexpectedly exactly 223 weeks to the day before he was named as Vikings head coach.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 9.15.04 PM

3 thoughts on “Insanely Cold Coding (or Are We Just Over-Analyzing)

  1. I need a winner this weekend had bad last weekend! Zachary hubbard likes codes pointing toward Cincy tonight. So vikes are pick but hot sure ???


  2. Yo Brother Berg…..not sure if you saw some of the comments from a convo I was having on Zach’s blog, but from a fellow Truthseeker – he adds…..

    I have a slight lean on Seattle here, mostly due to the date numerology of 47, and it will be the Vikings overall 407th loss, and Seattle’s overall 330th win (that pairing again). As Brother Berg mentioned it’s Zimmer’s 33rd game, and in Minnesota Seattle is 3-3, and has scored 122 points. The Vikings certainly have some digits as well, so it could really go either way.

    Personally I’m out of bullets regarding this game….I’m betting all the road teams to Win this weekend – KC, Green Bay, Seattle & Pitt. Good luck to everybody.


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