First Dog’s Attempted Dognapping and the Bo Obama Symbolism


A North Dakota man was arrested after saying he was planning to abduct Obama’s dog. This wacky propaganda tale is as ridiculous as Barack’s ability to handle a canine. And it’s coded right the heck up. First the NBC headline: NORTH DAKOTA MAN ARRESTED AFTER SAYING HE PLANNED TO ABUDCT OBAMA’S DOG BO =250/610. BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA JUNIOR =250 (indeed Bo is also black and white). MY SON =610 (as he may refer to his dog, and Obama was born in ’61). RIGHTEOUS DOG =610. SPOILED DOG =61. DOG =61.

  • A NORTH DAKOTA MAN =156. DOG =156. ONE FIFTY-SIX =152/62 (52 and 62 later).

As Zach found, we could say the man was hunting Obama’s dog. As for the Fox headline:

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 9.56.46 PM

The dognapper’s name is SCOTT STOCKERT =44. Obama is the 44th president. FIRST DOG =44. FIRST DOG OF THE UNITED STATES =111. STOCKERT =111. SCOTT =23. STALKER =23/32. OBAMA’S DOG =32. OBAMA =32. AMERICA =32.

  • Bo is a “Portuguese Water Dog” =96 (Freemason / Satanism / MK-Ultra). Dognapper =96. JFK was assassinated on a date with 96 numerology (11+22+63), the same as the sum of the ranging degrees of Scottish Rite Freemasonry (31+32+33).
  • Stockert claims his dad is JFK. JFK died on the first day of SAGITTARIUS =144 and RFK was pronounced dead at 1:44. Portuguese Water Dog =1440. AMERICAN PRESIDENT =1044. KENNEDY CURSE =144 and Bo was given as a gift by none other than TED KENNEDY =44 and JFK was the 44th-term president. FORTY-FOUR =144.
  • A Portuguese Water Dog =88. Massachusetts Sen Ted Kennedy =88. Stockert was arrested with a  “Twelve Gauge Shotgun”=88.
  • BO=17. DOG=17. BO (2+6). DOG (4+15+7)=26. And as it turns out, Bo’s birthday is 2 months 6 days after Obama’s. Bo is tuxedo coloured. TUXEDO=26.

Bo has his own extensive Wikipedia page, on which we learn he was born on Oct 9, 2008. OCTOBER NINTH =62. SCOTT STOCKERT =62. Of course the dog was born in the only month with Gematria of 33, as a gift from KENNEDY=33. But get a load of the age of Bo at the time of his attempted dognapping: exactly 378 weeks old. Where have we seen this number today?

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 9.57.46 PM


That’s right, “Officer Jesse Hartnett” =91. White House Pooch =91. Zionist Conspiracy =91. Deception =91. (White House Pooch =82. Commander in Leash =82. Barack Hussein Obama =82) You may remember Hartnett from two posts ago, the hero cop shot multiple times point blank who managed to do a front flip out of his cruiser window and skip down the street after the evil terrorist who shot him. 3078 reduces to 378. What are the chances.

  • A FALSE HERO =378. This number also reduces to 18, like the date of the dognapping article 1/8 and the life lesson number [1+8+2+0+1+5] =18. 6+6+6=18 like the first 144 digits of pi sum to 666 and tributes to kick off 2016 which is the sum of 666+666+666+6+6+6. Propaganda originally spelled his name JESSE HARTNET =144 for those paying attention.
  • And as SeekFirstToUnderstand nailed on Zach’s blog: THREE ZERO SEVEN EIGHT =108/135/234. If we sum the Gematria with its reflection: 108+108 =216 (6x6x6=216). [The dog’s tricks are listed as “Can sit, present paw/shake, lie down, roll over, get off, wait”=216] “135+531 =666. 234+432=666. THREE HUNDRED SEVENTY-EIGHT =135/162/333: 135+531=666. 162+261=783 (7+8+3=18). 333+333=666.

So it’s pretty apparent we have an attempted assassination tied in with an attempted presidential dognapping, both coded up with the same 666 indicator. Tie this into the Kennedy Curse detail and we have more confirmed predictive programming for an upcoming Obama hit.


Stockert was memorably quoted as saying, “I WILL FUCK YOUR WORLD UP.”=105 (Masonry / Zionism / Obama Sacrifice). DOGNAPPER =51. The dog was previously called “AMIGO’S NEW HOPE”=150 (CIA Mind Control / Obama is a Hologram / First Holographic President). And notice Obama’s key word HOPE=44. Also, AMIGO’S NEW HOPE =69. Lincoln’s dog was called FIDO =69.

  • Obama’s Dog =77. McKinley’s cat was “Valeriano Weyler”=77. JFK’s dog was called CHARLIE =38. George Washington’s horse was called OLD NELSON =38. AMERICANS =38. MASONIC =38. And oh what do you know, Bo was called Charlie by a previous owner. Also CHARLIE =56. JFK had another dog called WOLF =56. PRESIDENT =56.
  • JFK had a poodle called GAULLIE=31 and a spaniel called SHANNON=31.

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 1.27.41 AM

“Bo is a Neutered Male Portuguese Water Dog” =409. Bo Obama =49. Bo and Ob =149.

  • BO in Jewish Gematria =52. If you’ve been following along you know that the 52nd prime number is 239 which is coincidentally the current age of the United States. It’s also the number of years since JFK was assassinated in 1963.
  • Bo’s brother is RICO =142. PRESIDENT OBAMA =142. OBAMA AGENDA =142.

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 1.23.34 AMBo and Ob running towards a bust of assassinated president Abraham Lincoln. BOOB =104. THE 44TH PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA =104. 

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