The Death of Darrent Williams in Exchange for a Broncos Super Bowl

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 2.08.12 AM

Darrent Williams =79. Murder =79. Born on the 27th of September, which is the 270th day of the year, wears #27, and murdered in 2007. The Super Bowl this year is on 2/7. And the Broncos are predicted to be there, by the numbers. Rigged Sports and Manchurian Athletes.

  • Darrent Demarcus Williams =100/118. Masonic Ritual Murder =100. Playoffs =100. Death =118. The day he was born on leaves 95 days in the year. Super Bowl Terrorism =95. Kill =59.
  • Mirror of 27 is 72. Twenty-Seven=72. Murder by Numbers =72. 27+72=99. Masonic Ritual Murder =99. The Vikes =99.

Williams has a life lesson number of [9+27+1+9+8+2] =56 and he was the 56th pick in the draft. Broncos are currently in their 56th season and Fifty-Sixth=56. The fulfilment of 56 is 156 and One Five Six =56. Broncos ended their season with a total of 355 points for and 296 points against. That’s a total of 651 (the mirror of 156). In John Elway’s four Super Bowls he made a total of 156 rushing attempts.

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 2.27.40 AM.png

Notice right away he finished with 139 tackles. Freemasonry = 139 (6+18+5+5+13+1+19+15+14+18+25). And 6 INT 2 TD =62. Mason =62 (13+1+19+15+14). SUPER BOWL SUNDAY =62. PAT BOWLEN TRUST =62 (Broncos owners). FIVE WEEKS LATER =62. Super Bowl XLI was exactly five weeks after Williams died. 

Peyton Manning won Super Bowl XLI, and of course he’s now QB for the Broncos in what will most likely be his last season. Just like John Elway. That’s 4 weeks 6 days. Super Bowl 50 will be the 46th modern-era championship game and the mirror: DENVER BRONCOS =64. (SB XLI finished with a total score of 46 after Colts overcame a 14–6 first-quarter deficit.)

  • Fort Worth Texas =68/212. Super Bowl L False Flag =212. Super Bowl XLI =68. Barack Obama =68. Mossad Conspiracy =68.
  • Dude died on 1/1/7. That’s a life lesson number of 11, matching with the reduced version of his birth life lesson number: 5+6=11.

And get this: it’s said the Crips member convicted of murdering Williams is one WILLIE D CLARK =56/119. STAR OF DAVID =56/119. ALL-SEEING EYE =56/119. Again, Williams was born with a numerology of 56. As if that’s not enough: DARRENT DEMARCUS WILLIAMS =119 (with the s-exception).

  • “Clark was found guilty of murder on March 11, 2010.” That’s 3/11 like The Beast =311. USA =311. That’s 11/3. State-Sponsored Terror =113. Super Bowl Terrorism =113.


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