96 Atlanta Olympics Bombing Decoded

After a funny video by Peekay22 having a laugh at the ridiculous crisis actors of the 1996 Olympic Bombing, I figured we take a closer look. First notice the Olympics’ official name: “Games of the XXVI Olympiad” =111 and there were 111 injured 1 killed. One other person, a Turkish cameraman, died from a heart attack running to the scene while the band playing that night was Jack Mac and the Heart Attack. Centennial Olympic Park Bombing =136. Heart Attack =36. The sum of 1 to 36 equals 666 which represents illusion (and the Saturnic essence of the three-piece-suits by day black robes by night psychopathic creeps who pretend to run this virtual reality when in reality it’s US who run this shit and US who are responsible for reclaiming that shit which is ours by right).

It happened on July 27th, 1996 which has a life lesson number of [7+27+1+9+9+6] =59. Atlanta Georgia =59. Kill =59/44. Georgia is one of only two states with a Gematria of 44. Alice Hawthorne, the one person killed as a direct result of the bombing, died at age 44 while Richard Jewell, the hero rent-a-cop who discovered the bomb, died a few years later in Georgia at age 44. Officer =44. Police State =44.

  • The pipe bomb was in a military backpack called an Alice Pack – and it killed Alice. ALICE =38. Death =38 and Killing =38. Rent-A-Cop =38. Masonic =38 (it happened 1 year 3 months 8 days after OK City Bombing) and a fun detail is the pipe bombs were filled with “7.6 cm masonry nails”. Jewell=67. Freemasonry =67. Five Years Later =67 (the bomber spent five years on Most Wanted list).
  • And of course the year 96, like the sum of the ranging degrees of Scottish Rite Freemasonry (31+32+33) and the numerology of JFK’s assassination (11+22+63). Freemason =96. Satanism =96. MK-Ultra =96.
  • And with regards to the 33: ATL=33 and it’s on the 33rd parallel, named after the lost city of Atlantis=33. Eric Rudolph’s middle name Robert=33.

Eric Robert Rudolph. Aka the OLYMPIC PARK BOMBER =194. Rudolph =94 and he was born [9+19+66] =94. Birth year of ’66: SUMMER OLYMPICS =66 and ERIC RUDOLPH =66.

  • [9+19+19+66] =113 (State Sponsored Terror / Richard Allensworth Jewell). Life lesson number of [9+19+1+9+6+6] =60. Sixty =97. Pipe Bombs =97. A Pipe Bomb =79. Pipe Bomb PsyOp =79. Atlanta Bombing Hoax =79. Massacre =79. Murder =79. Clinton called the bombing an “Evil Act of Terror” =79.

Rudolph was on the run for six years after the bombing, finally apprehended on May 31, 2003. Look how clean that duration is: 2500 days later. TWENTY-FIVE HUNDRED =223 (MASONIC / THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN) – the number of Skull & Bones and the proof of the hoax.

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 1.48.22 PM

  • Twenty-Five Hundred Days =101 (101 kilos = 223 lbs). The Olympic Park Bomber =101. Centennial Olympic Park =101. Rudolph was discharged from the 101st Airborne Division for smoking the evil herb (Pothead=33). Assassin =101. Christian =101 and this was blamed on “Christian Terrorism” =101.
  • The timespan also gives us 60,000 hours (Sixty Thousand =199 / Eric Robert Rudolph =99) – remember his life lesson number of 60; and the clean coded 36 and 216, both of which connect to 666, as does the aforementioned 111. Sixty Thousand Hours Later =102. Summer Olympics =201.
  • As Sixty-Thousand =199, Rudolph was placed on the FBI’s Most Wanted List exactly 1 year 9 month 9 days (199) after the bombing. The motto of Thelema is “Do What Thou Wilt”=199. Predictive Program =199.

Rudolph was the 454th person on the Most Wanted list. FOUR HUNDRED FIFTY-FOURTH =126. PIPE BOMB HOAX =126. RICHARD WHITE =126 (Jewell’s given name). CHUCK BERRY’S RUN RUDOLPH RUN =126 (the song that came out 38 years before ’96). The motto of the XXVI Olympiad: “THE CELEBRATION OF THE CENTURY”=126. Rudolph now lives in ADX FLORENCE SUPERMAX PRISON =126/144, where all the hoax actors go.

  • ADX Florence Supermax =224. Atlanta Olympic Bombing =224. Terrorist Strike =224. Divide and Conquer =1224.

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