Abdeslam Sighted! (59 Days Ago…)

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 7.48.06 PM

Paris attacks suspect Abdeslam ‘caught on CCTV’ in French petrol station. CAUGHT ON CCTV =47 (The Belgian / Star of David / PsyOps / France / Je Suis Paris / France at War), =137 (Mind Control / CIA Lies / Church of Satan) – 33rd prime number.

This footage was taken the day after the attacks, 11/14/15, and we’re hearing about it 59 days later. That’s interesting because the day of the Paris Attacks had numerology of 59 (11+13+15).

  • November Thirteenth Twenty Fifteen =159. Abdeslam was born on 15/9, and the attacks came 59 days after his birthday. A Petrol Station =59.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 7.48.32 PM

And imagine what happens to the duration if we include the end date: we get 1 month 30 days =130, like the number of victims. 129 was the original kill count for a few days before they added one more for yet another tribute to 13. And another of the Abdeslam brothers, apprehended then let go, was MOHAMMED ABDESLAM =129/311. Recall that the Paris Attacks Hoax came 311 days after the Charlie Hebdo Hoax.

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