Levi’s Stadium and the Faithful Mile


The tailgate zone at Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco is called FAITHFUL MILE =59/122. SAN FRANCISCO =50/59/122 and it’s hosting Super Bowl 50 on the 122nd parallel in the GOLDEN STATE =122. One-Twenty-Two =199. Super Bowl Rematch =199.

  • Denver Broncos VS Seattle Seahawks In Super Bowl Fifty =197.  Super Bowl Fifty =197. Broncos Seahawks Super Bowl =97. RIP Bowie =97.
  • Denver Broncos VS Green Bay Packers In Super Bowl Fifty =223. (MASONIC). Levi Strauss paid $220.3 million for stadium naming rights.
  • Denver Broncos Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Fifty =204 (Super Bowl Sacrifice / David Bowie Dead From Cancer) – Davy Jones died 24 days after Super Bowl XLVI and Bowie’s single Lazarus was released 24 days before his death.

Notice the #85 jerseys in the shot: SAFEWAY FAITHFUL MILE =85. Safeway is a Canadian company and  with that S logo on the end most people up here call it SAFEWAYS =27. Like the Super Bowl on 2/7 at Levi’s Stadium, the jeans people: DENIM =27. Think about the year 2016 like 2/1+6 or 2/7. The “Faithful” moniker comes from the fans and the Stadium’s nickname: HOME OF THE FAITHFUL =612 (the mirror of 216).

  • 2×16=32. NFL=32 (32 teams). Church =32 (home of the faithful).
  • Levi’s Stadium =46/55/64/154. Which reduces to 1 like the 0:10.
  • FAITHFUL =83/38. FOOTBALL =83 and the Super Bowl is on the 38th day of the year.


Levi Strauss & Co. =48. Royal Jeans =48/120. Illuminati =48/120. And indeed that royal genealogy is somewhat of a matter of obsession for the parasites. The corporation is 163 years old and “Super Bowl Bomb” =163. Levi Strauss =66. NFL =66 and the first Super Bowl was in the ’66 season.

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