On the Death of Stevie Ray Vaughan


Blues legend Stevie Ray Vaughan played on Bowie’s best-selling album, Let’s Dance, which has a Gematria matching the year of its release: LET’S DANCE =83 (12+5+20+19+4+1+14+3+5). The small way, Let’s Dance =38, just like Vaughan’s debut studio album also released in ’83 charted at #38. It was called “Texas Flood” =49/121. Revelation =49/121. Blood Sacrifice =121.

Notice that “Stephen Ray” =59, as do his initials SRV =59 (19+18+22), just like Blues / Negro / Slave – the number so often coded on black celebrities in America. Of course Stevie Ray is white but to the numerologists doing the encoding, it’s more about what the symbolism represents – like how JFK was called the first black president and John F Kennedy =59. Let’s dig into SRV’s numbers and see what we find.

  • Stephen Ray =50/131, this code combination suggestive of the 50th Super Bowl =131 in San Francisco =50. He also died on the 239th day of the year and America is currently 239 years old (until July 4th, 2016).
  • “Stephen Ray Vaughan” =79 died in a “Helicopter Crash” =79. Murder =79.
  • It happened in East Troy =33. Destiny =33. Masonry =33. Satanism =33.

SRV was born in the Masonic hotbed of Dallas Texas on Oct 3, 1954. That gives him a life lesson number of 32 [10+3+1+9+5+4] (America / Negro). He also has numerology of [10+3+54] =67 (Blood Sacrifice / Satanic / Cycles); [10+3+19+54] =86 (Pyramid / Triangle); and [1+0+3+1+9+5+4] =23 (Blues / Slave). OCTOBER THIRD =137 (the 33rd prime number).


Stevie Ray Vaughan died on August 27th, 1990, in a helicopter crash on the side of Alpine Valley Resort, a ski hill in Wisconsin, just after performing there. Wisconsin is one of only two states with 44 gematria, the Kill number. STEPHEN STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN =105 played his last show at ALPINE VALLEY MUSIC THEATRE =105 (Masonry / Zionism / Hollywood Assassins) – which reduces to 15 like the Bowie’s Let’s Dance album was his 15th studio album. Fifteen=38. Death=38.

The day before his death, Vaughan told his band and crew members about a horrible nightmare he had, in which he was at his own funeral and saw thousands of mourners. He felt “terrified, yet almost peaceful.” Backstage after the show that evening, the musicians talked about playing together again, particularly with Eric Clapton for a series of dates at London’s Royal Albert Hall in February and March 1991, as a tribute to Jimi Hendrix. Moments later, Peter Jackson, Clapton’s tour manager, said that the weather was getting worse and they had to leave soon. According to Double Trouble drummer Chris Layton, Vaughan’s last words to him were, “I love ya.” — Wikipedia on the Death of Stevie Ray Vaughan

  • I LOVE YA =35 and he died at age 35 on [8+27]=35. CURSED =35. Reversed, DOUBLE TROUBLE =53 and ALPINE VALLEY =53. By the Numbers =53.
  • The crash happened at 1 am so unofficially they were still running on the numerology of the date of his last show – which had a life lesson number of [8+26+1+9+9+0] =53!

Death numerology: [8+27+1+9+90] =54 (Industry Slave). [8+27+90] =125 (Airplane Crash. Double Trouble =152). And last but certainly not least: [8+27+19+90] =144 (Mark of the Beast / Killer / Forty-Four). Sum the first 144 digits of pi for 666.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 2.10.59 PM

Connecting his birth and death numbers: 144=Time and 86=Clock… And connecting the 144 death numerology back to the album appearance with Bowie, Let’s Dance was released on the 14th of April: 14/4.

  • Bowie would die exactly 1324 weeks after Stevie Ray Vaughan. The fulfilment of 324. Pentagram =324. Ancient Mind Control Techniques =324. Everything Happens for a Reason =324. Oracle =324. And 324 in English Gematria is equivalent to 54 in Simple Gematria, connecting back to the life lesson number of the day Vaughan died.
  • Crashed happened at ONE AM =48/21. ILLUMINATI =48. BLOOD =48. BLOOD SACRIFICE =121 (the fulfilment of 21).

That’s also a duration of 25 years, 4 months, 14 days. Notice the 4/14 like the Let’s Dance album release. And TWENTY FIVE YEARS =217 (Hollywood California / Psychological Warfare / Broncos Super Bowl 😉 )


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