Lawrence Phillips Cell Death and MK Manchurian Athletes

Lawrence Phillips #33

Growing up in Alberta I used to be a Calgary Stampeders fan, and I remember Lawrence Phillips, the running back who played with them for just one season in 2003 . He also played with the 49ers for a couple seasons, the team hosting this year’s Super Bowl. Phillips, sentenced in 2008 on 10/3 (301 days before Super Bowl 50) and serving a 31-year bid, died in his cell on 1/13 – pronounced dead at 1:30 am.

One of the wacky parts of this story is that he’s in prison for assault with a deadly weapon after driving his car into a group of three teenagers following a dispute in a pick-up game of football. Over the past few months we’ve seen several stories about cars crashing into crowds, and now this story.

  • Lawrence Phillips =83. Football =83. MK Slave =83. MK Athletes =33.
  • Phillips =47. Manchurian Athlete =74.
  • Born May 12th, 1975 – the day that leaves 233 remaining. MK Ultra Mind Control =233.  That’s a life lesson number of 39 (Slavery / Androids) and numerology of 92 (Lawrence Phillips =1092) and 111 (Subconscious Programming).


Now get these numerical connections: Phillips killed his cellmate on 4/12/15 and was charged for the murder on 9/1/15. The timespan between 9/1 and his death is 4 months 12 days, like 4/12. And the timespan between 4/12 and his death is 9 months 1 day! Wacky. Especially in light of the 91=POTUS theme I just covered in the previous report.

  • 4/12 can also be expressed as 12/4. Mind-Control Programming =124. Which is yet more alphanumeric evidence to the existence of Manchurian Athletes, brewed in test tubes in deep underground military bases.
  • Imprisoned Ex-NFL Rusher =119. Eleven Three =119. On November 9, 2015 (11/9) the prosecutor was granted a motion to reconsider whether to seek the death penalty.

WHOA and I just remembered that scene from The Island (2005) where they’re secretly cloning people in a D.U.M.B to be used for organ harvesting etc, and this football player clone wakes up mid-surgery and freaks out, thinking he’s won a trip to THE ISLAND =38. DEATH =38. The player’s name is STARKWEATHER =59. NEGRO =59. SLAVE =59. MIND CONTROLLED ATHLETES =95.


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