Naval Gazing and the Obama Hit Hoax

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 12.30.11 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-13 at 12.31.37 PM

The President of the United States =147. Assassin =606/101. No Reason =101/38. Death=38. Are we seeing yet further coding for the upcoming OBAMA HIT HOAX =54 and he’s currently 54 years old. Obama Assassination Hoax =240. Liar =240 and this summer will be America’s 240th birthday. That’s right, the nation is turning TWO HUNDRED FORTY =216 in 2016.

  • Two Hundred Forty Years Old =117. Obama Hit Hoax =117. The President is a Hologram =117. Two Hundred Fortieth =98/233. Upcoming Obama Hit Hoax =98. Obama Dead =98. MK Ultra Mind Control =233. President Abraham Lincoln =233. John Fitzgerald Kennedy =233. Zionist Revelation =233.
  • Two Hundred Fortieth Birthday =140 (Joe in Charge of Mission Control / Political Malice / Fake Death), =320. Obama =32. Assassinated =32. America =32.

POTUS =91 (16+15+20+21+19). Zionist Conspiracy =91. Deception =91. Now with this coding in mind, what do you think of the Navy crew consisting of 9 men and 1 woman? What do you think of the Istanbul Bombing killing 9 Germans and 1 Peruvian (as was originally reported, now it’s 10 Germans, 1 Peruvian). And the Times of Israel article I pulled the above image from was posted at 9:01 pm. Hmmm, all this when all week CNN was running 91-coded headlines about Obama.

The crew was detained at an Iranian Naval base on FARSI ISLAND =112 on 1/12. The last such incident in the Persian Gulf occurred exactly 8 years 5 days ago (85). Interesting duration when the boat is RCB boat used in the image [above] is an 805.

  • Riverine Command Boat =93. Propaganda =93. Hebrew Media =93. RCB (9+3+2) reversed is a hidden 239.
  • The image date has a life lesson number of 48 [10+30+2+0+1+5] and numerology of 75 [10+30+20+15]. The sailors are accused of TRESSPASSING =48/75. Illuminati =48. New World Order =75.
  • “Iran Seizes U.S. Sailors Amid Claims of Spying” =174. New World Order =174.

When asked if immediate release of prisoners is speculation, the NY Times bureau chief in Tehran says, “I cannot confirm or deny that.” =122, which is code for the Mossad, whose motto is “By Deception Thou Shalt Wage War” =122. It also could be priming for an upcoming event on 1/22. His name is Thomas Erdbrink =67. Farsi Island =67. The Persian Gulf =71. Iranian Waters =71.

Check out the previous post I did on this incident for deep coding comprehension.

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