That Charlie Heb-Doe… Zionist Conspiracy Hidden in Plain Sight


How’s the Charlie Hebdo anniversary edition of the Charlie Hebdo Hoax. It reads “One Year Later – The Assassin is Still Out There.” And the All-Seeing Eye symbol clearly indicating the Zionist perpetrators behind the false-flag / hoax. Hiding in plain sight, as always. THE ASSASSIN IS STILL OUT THERE =103 (TERRORIST INCIDENT / FLAG OF ISIS / PRESIDENTIAL ASSASSINATION). One Year Later the Assassin Is Still Out There =161 (Terrorists / Seal of Solomon / Omnipresent Government Surveillance).

  • L’ASSASSIN COURT TOUJOURS =122. This could be coding for an upcoming attack on 1/22. State Sponsored Terror =122. The motto of Mossad, behind the staged event: “By Deception Thou Shalt Wage War” =122.
  • Now notice the 1 they give us, like 1122, the fulfilment of 122. ELEVEN THIRTEEN =1122. Indeed the Paris Attacks occurred on 11/13. This story in the BBC comes on 1/13.
  • Speaking of which, look at all the 11’s in the breakdown of L’Assassin: (3+11+11+1+11+11+1+9+5) starting with 311 as the Paris Attacks came 311 days after Hebdo. And check out how Toujours wraps up the headline (2+6+3+1+6+3+9+11) with a big ol’ 911.

Like 119 the call-sign of the Zionists. Just like the symbol above the assassin showing us who really carried out the event: ALL-SEEING EYE =119. STAR OF DAVID =119. And as if that blatant mockery isn’t offensive enough, have a look at the racist cartoon.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 4.31.23 PM

Que Serait Devenu Le Petit Aylan S’il Avait Grandi =202. Charlie Hebdo Backlash Over ‘Racist’ Alan Kurdi Cartoon =202. Look at that, exact same Gematria in the cartoon and the BBC article title. More Distractions =202.

The cartoon says what would happen if Alan Kurdi (the Syrian toddler washed ashore and plastered all over the media) grew up? He would have become a ‘groper in Germany’. This following the story that gangs of migrants carried out organised sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

  • Alan Kurdi =37/91. Un An Apres =37/109.
  • Migrants =38/101. Death=38. Assassin=101.

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