The Simpsons & Bowie – Another Instance of Predictive Programming 

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 2.29.42 PMimg_0342

The Simpsons episode that aired the night David Bowie died gave him a shoutout, once again an instance of predictive programming and/or some sort of spell-casting. Or perhaps the writer was simply picking up on psychic vibes from the tsunami of Bowie energy on the horizon. AND SKINNER MAKES A FINGER ACROSS THE THROAT GESTURE WHEN HE SAYS ‘DIFFERENT COLORED EYES’!

The episode was S27-E11. Or reduced, 9-11. Like the date 1/10/16 reduced and flipped is 9111. Genetically Modified Humans =119. The episode was titled “Teenage Mutant Milk-Caused Hurdles” =133/331. Weird name, weird coding, weird episode.

  • It’s the 585th episode of the series. Five Eight Five =133. Five Hundred Eighty-Fifth =239 (The Gang of Thirty-Three / Mind Control Technique), =131 (Bowie Sacrificed / David Bowie Ritual Sacrifice / Bowie Heading For Number One / Super Bowl / Genetically Modified Peoples).
  • Five Hundred Eighty-Five =124/232. Simpsons =124. Mind-Control Programming =124. Son of Satan =124. Satan =232.
  • Five Eight Five =79. Gender Confusion =79. Murder =79. Legendary Artist =79. Ziggy Stardust =79. Ch-Ch-Changes =79. Ritual Murders =179. Davy Jones’ Locker =179. RIP Bowie =97. David Bowie is Ziggy =97.

Check the time on the clock in the scene above, 3:01 or 3:02 eh? One After Three PM =79. THREE OH ONE PM =70. Time May Change Me =70. HIS NAME IS BOWIE =70. AND SHE HAS A CAT WITH DIFFERENT COLORED EYES =170. TRANSHUMANISM =170. One Seventy =144. Gender Neutral =144. Three Oh Two PM =67. But I Can’t Trace Time =67. Blood Sacrifice =67. Thin White Duke =67. And the episode has a 6.7 rating on IMDB. 


In the episode, Bart gets a crush on his new teacher MRS BERRERA =117/54. David Bowie Blood Sacrifice =117. January Tenth Twenty-Sixteen =117. BOWIE =54. Androgynous =54. Crossdresser =54. And indeed she is quite the muscular / masculine woman. The episode is about hormones in milk screwing up people’s bodies and minds. Homer buys new Buzz Milk which causes Lisa to break out in acne, Bart to grow a moustache, and Marge to sprout a huge mono-brow with a side of super-strength. Think they’re trying to tell us something?

  • Hormone Manipulation =98. Gender Expression =98. Master of Reinvention =98. Bowie Death Conspiracy =98. Lazarus =98. Growth Hormones =198. Gender Manipulation =198. Big Pharma Conspiracy =198. Romantic Rivalry =198. 
  • Bart spray paints “Skinner is a Wiener” =193. Spiders From Mars =193. Five Years That’s All We Got =93. David Bowie Murdered =93. Bisexual =93. La-Z-Rider =93 (from the couch gag). Occult Ritual =930.

BUZZ MILK =39/120. GMO FOOD =39. TRANSHUMAN =39. ANDROIDS =39. ILLUMINATI =120. And recall the episode title’s Gematria of 133, the fulfilment of 33. GOT MILK =33. SIMPSON =33.

  • At the end of the episode Bart throws an MK-trigger word at Lisa, causing her to flip the fuck out: CARNEGIE HALL =59. KILL =59. Hmmm. SHE’S A TOTAL BLAM BLAM =59.
  • MK-Ultra Mind Control =233. Hormone Manipulation =233.


4 thoughts on “The Simpsons & Bowie – Another Instance of Predictive Programming 

  1. Not sure if you noticed in the clip when skinner was talking to bart about bowie that he made a throat slitting hand gesture when he said “she cas a cat with different colored eyes.”


  2. As well, we have some other curious things.
    Alan Richtman & The Mott The Hoople drummer BOTH passed then as well. Both are in the episode. The song “All The Young Dudes” playing is by Mott The Hoople. A David Bowie project of note way back in the day. He helped that band greatly.
    Just more 69 Cancer weirdness.


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