Alan Rickman’s Blood Sacrifice and Obama Cancer Coding


Alan Rickman dies from cancer at age 69, the symbol of cancer, four days after Bowie dies from cancer at age 69. In my post on Bowie’s wife’s cryptic tweets I said it will be interesting to see what happens on 1/14 due to the Lazarus reference of being risen from the dead four days later. I just watched Robin Hood Prince of Thieves (1991) a couple days, and now the SHERIFF OF NOTTINGHAM =114 has died on 1/14.

ALAN RICKMAN =43 (Murdered), =97 (Fairy Tale) and Murder =79. Villain =79. Rickman Sacrifice =79. RICKMAN =33/69.

  • [2+21+1+9+4+6] =43. Alan Rickman =43.
  • [2+21+19+46] =88 (year of Hollywood debut, Die Hard)
  • [2+2+1+1+9+4+6] =25 (the age he started acting)
  • [2+21+46] =69. Rickman =69 (the age he died)

And notice his birthday of 2/21. I fell asleep listening to Bowie last night again and was thinking “Five years, that’s all we got,” from 2016 is 2021. SUPER BOWL L TERRORIST =2021. And that could be another clue for the 1/22 target window. Rickman Killed =122/59. (Rickman=33 died 3 weeks 3 days before the Super Bowl).

Get This: (Death=38 / Killing=38) Rickman died 38 days before his birthday. Scott Weiland died 38 days before his at age 48. Lemmy died on a date with 48 numerology 48 days after his drummer died and 48 hours after being diagnosed with cancer. Weiland=408. Lemmy=408. Weiland died 26 days before Lemmy whose nickname is God=26. Lazarus =26. Bowie died 28 days before Super Bowl 50 and Lemmy died on the 28th of December. Bowie Ritual Sacrifice =208.


  • Rickman played the character Doctor Lazarus =1038 in GALAXY QUEST =44. CANCER =44. CHEMO =44. KILL =44. He started acting 44 years ago. Forty-Four =144. CRAB (the symbol of cancer) =144/24. Rickman died on a date with 24 numerology, 24 days before the Super Bowl.
  • DR LAZARUS =48/120 (Illuminati =48/120). Yet another Bowie connect.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 12.36.53 PM

Notice the timestamp of 119. JK ROWLING =119/47. STAR OF DAVID =119/47. CANCER HOAX =47. ALAN RICKMAN BLOOD SACRIFICE =119. In Harry Potter, Rickman=33 played  Snape=330. PROFESSOR SEVERUS SNAPE =97. ALAN RICKMAN =97. He won a Golden Globe in ’97 and Bowie died on the night of the 73rd Golden Globes. Ritual Sacrifice =73.

  • Half Blood Prince =77. Alan Rickman Murder =77. Barack Obama Has Cancer =77.
  • His breakout role was in Die Hard (1988) as HANS GRUBER =50/113. Hans =42. He plays a Terrorist =142 – Rickman Sacrifice =142/88 like the film’s release on (7+15+88) =110. Alan Rickman Blood Sacrifice =110. Like the 110 story World Trade Center and Osama Bin Laden =110. DIE HARD =111. Subconscious Programming =111. BARACK OBAMA DIES FROM CANCER =111.

Yippie Ki-Yay Motherfucker =132. Cancer =132. I’m an Alligator =132. 


The symbol of Cancer is the sideways 69, suggestive of the symbol for infinity. INFINITY =636. Death is Rebirth =146. Rickman’s posthumous film release of “Eye in the Sky” =146. The Apocalypse =146. The Unveiling =146.

  • REINCARNATION =69. (In the context of Lazarus rising from the dead). The sign of Cancer is ruled by the moon. RULED BY THE MOON =69. ALAN RICKMAN KILLED =69. DAVID BOWIE DIES OF CANCER =106. ALAN RICKMAN DIES OF CANCER =109. Bowie is 6 Rickman is 9.
  • Although… Bowie =27 (2+7=9). Rickman =33 (3+3=6). RICKMAN IS SIX =59. KILL =59. OBAMA HAS CANCER =59.
  • Bowie & Rickman =123. Conspiracy =123. Obama Cancer Cure =123. Cancer =132.

And a reminder of Biden’s quote at the State of the Union about curing cancer: “It’s personal but I know we can do this” =132. BARACK =216. OBAMA CANCER =216. OBAMA =84. OBAMA DIES FROM CANCER =84. Barack Obama =68. Barack Obama Has Cancer =68.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 7.34.49 PM

  • Freemasonry =58/139. Cancer Kills Obama =58/139.

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