The Blood Sacrifice of Celine Dion’s Husband and the Cancer Moonshot Hoax


René Angélil died from cancer on the same day that Alan Rickman died from cancer. Four days after Bowie died from cancer. Two days after Obama vowed to cure cancer and Angélil died two days before his 74th birthday (when Celine is 47) – like Lemmy dying of cancer two days after being diagnosed and four days after his birthday! What a gong show!

All this cancer propaganda is absolutely bizarre and clearly setting the stage for something huge. All this coming as Obama announces his ‘Cancer Moonshot’. Emphasis on SHOT. As in what if all this hype is being set up to roll out a mandatory cancer vaccine?..

  • Born 1/16/42. That’s a life lesson number of 33. And numerology of [1+16+42] =59. He’s HALF-SYRIAN =59. Notice 1+16=17. Kill=17/59.
  • He dies at age 73. Ritual Sacrifice =73. Sacrifice =73. Bowie died on the night of the 73rd Golden Globes. Cancer Moonshot =73. 

RENE ANGELIL =57. ANGELIC RENE =57. CANCER VACCINES =57. MOON =57. Speaking of which, Bowie’s son Duncan Jones directed Moon (2009) released on 7/3. And the cloned character in that flick is SAM BELL =64. CANCER MOONSHOT =64. BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA =64.

  • Rene Angelil =102. Angelil =102. A Cancer Vaccine =102. Murderer =102. Apollo Moon Landing Hoax =102.
  • RENE =130. CURE FOR CANCER =130. PRESIDENTIAL ASSASSINATION =130. And check the tweet time from his wife’s emotional message.

  • RENE =24. Died on a date with 24 numerology when Cancer’s symbol CRAB =24.
  • ANGELIL =33. Life life lesson number of 33. ILL =33. AIDS =33. Celine born on 3/30. RENE ANGELIL BLOOD SACRIFICE =133. Autocorrect calls him ANGELIC =33/51 and he died on a date with 51 numerology (1+14+20+15). TWO DAYS EARLY =51.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 5.13.23 PM

He died from THROAT CANCER =54. CELINE DION =54. Is that code that she sacrificed his ass? BOWIE =54. INDUSTRY SLAVE =54. He’s survived by 6 children and 7 grandchildren (67). Blood Sacrifice =67. Titanic =76. Celine Dion’s Sacrifice =101. Cancer Vaccine =101. Assassin =101.


Moon Shots and Cancer. As the fable goes, America landed on the Moon on July 20th, 1969. That’s during the time of Cancer, whose symbol is 69 – matching with the year. Furthermore, Cancer ends on the 22nd of July and 22/7=3.14, an approximation of Pi – connecting to and emphasizing the cyclical nature of 69 and the fractal time it represents.

  • 69 is a symbol of infinity and it even reduces to 8 (6+9=1+7).
  • The other symbol of cancer is the Crab=144. Forty-Four =44. Cancer =44. Chemo =44. Kill =44. Space =44. NASA Lies =44.
  • And to reiterate one of my favourite discoveries of the day: REINCARNATION =69.

Speaking of which, the only Celine Dion song I know is MY HEART WILL GO ON =197. EVERLASTING LIFE =197. Notice that 197 also reduces to 8 for Infinity. Again, all this under the umbrella theme of Lazarus rising from the dead – symbolizing rebirth.

Back to Godhead - Volume 12, Number 10 - 1977

69 is the symbol for Cancer and “American Cancer Society” =96, the reversal suggesting it’s not looking out for our best interests.  The ACS estimates that 1.69 million Americans will be diagnosed in 2016. Of course it does. THELEMA =169. ONE SIXTY-NINE =74. CANCER VACCINATION =74. Again, Angelil died two days before his 74th birthday. Also curious is that David Bowie died exactly 74 weeks after Robin Williams. MASONIC =74. OCCULT =74. KILLING =74.

In JFK’s ‘Moon Shot’ speech, cited in Obama’s equally audacious call to cure cancer, he says “We Choose To Go To The Moon” =113 (Mainstream / Green Screen / Dishonest / Dream World). Gematria lets us know why he emphasizes WE CHOOSE =93. PROPAGANDA =93. HEBREW MEDIA =93. You see, the psychopathic parasites understand the universal laws of Karma and are thus obligated to tell the truth – so that the Karma is on us who do nothing to stop it and give our silence as our consent – and thus deliberately code these secret messages into their broadcasts.

  • MOON SHOT =47/119. STAR OF DAVID =47/119.
  • Mandatory Vaccinations =88. Poison =88. Program =88. Anti-Cancer =88. Eight Times Eleven =88 (Robin Williams ‘died’ on 8/11). How To Manipulate Goys =88. Goyim Manipulation =88. And Obama’s moon shot speech came 1 month 19 days (119) before the 88th Academy Awards.
  • That’s also a span of 7 weeks 1 day (71). JFK delivered his Moon Shot speech on 5/25/61 — 71 days before Obama was born.  THE CANCER VACCINE =71. SEVENTY-FOUR WEEKS =71. JEW WORLD ORDER =71. TRANSHUMAN AGENDA =71. That’s also 10 weeks 1 day (101). CANCER VACCINE =101. ASSASSIN =101.

Guaranteed they’ve had the cure for cancer for some time now but there’s a depopulation agenda afoot, and whatever will come of this we can be sure it’s not in our best interest.


UPDATE: Celine Dion’s brother is now expected to die any day now from cancer.

8 thoughts on “The Blood Sacrifice of Celine Dion’s Husband and the Cancer Moonshot Hoax

  1. This is getting just weird – Dawid Bowie at 69; Alan Rickman at 69, Celine Deon’s hubby at 74 and now Dan Haggerty at 74; all passing from Cancer a few days apart.

    Read article:

    For all that we know they faked their deaths, and gave these stars an early retirement package for their good services, got a free name change and was relocated for dying a public death.


    • So bizarre. I did a thorough decode of Grizzly Adams today, check it out. Fake deaths and witness protection is highly possible. Or they all go to some island that doesn’t exist on any maps. Hollow Earth or something that exists yet considered mythical by the mainstream.


  2. This has nothing to do..or to describe mans life. Gods time for him was over that is why he get RENE. Lets leave with respect on each other especially in terms of Religion. Be it. and Satisfied. STOP wasting of time by chasing the life of others. God bless you all.


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