Red Power Ranger Murders Roommate with Giant Sword


Ricardo Medina, the Red Power Ranger, stabbed his roommate to death with a giant sword back on 1/13/15. And the best thing is the Red Ranger actually wielded a giant sword (and a reptilian helmet). He was arrested then yet no charges were filed and he was released on Feb 3/15. Exactly a year after the stabbing , 1/13 he was “Rearrested”=113 – and charged on 1/14. The thing that’s immediately incriminating is RICARDO MEDINA =114. Just like the Starbucks bombing earlier in the day when STARBUCKS =114.

  • Ricardo Medina also equals 69. This news comes on the same day as Alan Rickman dying from cancer at 69 four days after David Bowie dies from cancer at 69. False Flag =69. Twilight Zone =69. Hollywood Assassins =69. CIA Mind Control =69. Obama Sacrifice =69. A RED REPTILIAN =69. THE MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS =169.
  • And Medina is born to be:

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 6.33.14 PM

Medina murdered JOSH SUTTER =38 and was arrested for the second time at age 38. DEATH =38. MOONSHOT =38. This number we see heavily coded into almost all celebrity death stories. RED POWER RANGER =167. FUNKY COLD MEDINA =67. BLOOD SACRIFICE =67.

  • Medina was born on the 6th day of the 7th month. That gives him a life lesson number of 37 (6+7+1+9+7+7) which was how old he was when he stabbed his buddy with a greatsword. BORN TO BE =37. MK KILLER =37.
  • That’s also numerology of 90 (6+7+77) like RED RANGER =90. MASONIC RITUAL MURDER =90. ARRESTED =90. And numerology of 96 (6+7+19+77) like FREEMASON / SATANISM / MK-ULTRA / COLE EVANS (the name of Red Ranger) – and notice the reflection of 69, born to be.

RICARDO MEDINA JR =79. MURDER =79. CHAOS MAGIC =79. OBAMA’S RITUAL SACRIFICE =790. He was “The Red Wild Force Ranger” =119 (Star of David / All-Seeing Eye / Order of Death). RED RANGER =54. STABBED TO DEATH =54. BOWIE =54. And I’m pretty sure the pink one did some porn.


2 thoughts on “Red Power Ranger Murders Roommate with Giant Sword

  1. you have excellent gematria skills and techniques.. i read as often as i can get this samsung semismartfone to connect.. too many times i cannot get this site acquire a secure connection… if this comment makes it thru.. then selling out to google is the ‘reason’

    i spent an hour reading a long list (luckily connected) and then an hour more to get the page to comment on the simpson post.. of which could not connect leading to sell out to google+

    so hopefully now i can try to keep up and read older posts

    keep up the great post!


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