Joe Biden’s Moonshot Mission and the Blood Sacrifice (Fake Death) of Beau Biden


Last year Beau Biden, son of Vice President Joe Biden, died of brain cancer – in either a blood sacrifice or a death hoax in order for his father to become President following an Obama assassination. After viewing some photos of Joe’s reactions at the wake, it would appear Beau indeed faked his death as part of the lead-up to this cancer fest we’re seeing rolling out.
  • Joseph Robinette “Beau” Biden III =145. Beau Biden Sacrifice =145. Order of Thelema =145. Manipulation =145. Obama Gets Shot =145. SON OF JOE BIDEN =133 (Barack Obama Diagnosed with Cancer / White House / Government), =142 (President Obama / Metastasized), =61 (Malignant Tumor / Metastasized / Crab Symbolism) – and Beau was born in the other symbol of cancer:’69 (Reincarnation / Cancer Diagnosis / Malignant Neoplasm / Barack Obama Beats Cancer).

President Joe Biden =84. Obama =84 (born 8/4) and is the 44th president. Beau Biden spent exactly 8 years 4 days as 44th Attorney General of Delaware. CANCER =44. DISEASE =44. CHEMO =44. KILL=44. FORTY-FOUR =144. The duration between Beau’s last day in office and his “death” is exactly 144 days. That’s interesting because: Killer =144. President Biden =144. President Joe Biden =1044. American President =1044. Joe Biden Senior =144. He was admitted to the hospital on 5/20 and 10 days later he was dead. TEN DAYS LATER =144.

  • Now check out this gorgeous symmetry in the timespan between Beau’s death and Joe’s Moonshot Announcement on 10/21. (Blood Sacrifice =121. Crowley died on 12/1.)

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 3.35.03 AM

  • Including the end date that’s 20 weeks 5 days =205. Israel =205 (and there’s a 205 on the ISIS flag). Philadelphia =205 (where Biden launched the initiative). All Aboard the Cancer Train =205. 
  • It was then 84 days between his Moonshot speech and Obama reiterating the Moonshot directive at the State of the Union. President Biden =84. Obama =84. Or 2 months 23 days =223. The Synagogue of Satan =223. Let Him That Hath Understanding Count the Number of the Beast =223.

Sum of first 144 digits of Pi =666 and 6x6x6 =216. Barack =216. Obama Cancer =216. 666+666+666+6+6+6 =2016. And now here we are, 16 days into 16 with Obama and Biden pledging their moonshot to cure cancer as another celebrity pops off from cancer nearly every day. I smell a conspiracy: BEAU BIDEN HOAX =666. BEAU KNOWS =666.


BEAU BIDEN FAKE FUNERAL =82/163. THE CURE FOR CANCER =82/163. CANCER MOONSHOT =163. Beau died 163 days after the 42nd anniversary of the car crash that killed his mother and sister. BEAU BIDEN =63. JOSEPH BIDEN JR =63. BIDEN RITUAL SACRIFICE =98. OBAMA DEAD =98. BEAU AND JOE =908.
Beau Biden was born on February 3rd, 1969 and died on May 30, 2015. Feb 3rd leaves 331 days in the year and “Son of Joe Biden”=133. From 2/3 to 5/30 =116 days. In the previous post we rediscovered the significance of 9/23. From Beau’s ‘death’ on 5/30 to 9/23 =116 days. One Hundred Sixteen =1224. Divide and Conquer =1224. End date included, Biden made his moonshot speech 4 months 22 days after Beau died. Year 224 on the French Revolutionary Calendar began on 9/23.
  • One Hundred Sixteen =87 (Cancer Diagnosis), =96 (American Cancer Society / Forbidden Cancer Cure / Cancer Coding / President Obama Cancer). One Hundred Sixteen Days =118 (Death / Sacrificial Lamb / Presidency / Cancer-Causing / Discover a Cure for Cancer). Beau Biden Ritual Sacrifice =118.
  • 116 flipped is 119. Joe Biden announced the “Moonshot”=119 to cure cancer in his son’s name. Beau Biden’s Ritual Sacrifice =119. 11×6 =66. Diseased =66. Assassin =606. Cancer Vaccine =606. Carcinogenic =606.
Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 2.05.46 AM
  • 3 months 24 days: Three Twenty Four =223. The Synagogue Of Satan =223. Skull And CrossBones =223. John Kerry was a member of Yale’s Skull & Bones and if you’ll remember he faked a broken leg, or broken crossbone, while riding his bike on May 31st – the day after Beau Biden died.
  • John Kerry =124. Barack Obama Diagnosed with Cancer =124. Psychological Operations =124. Fifty-Two =124. John Kerry =52. Brain Cancer =52. Bike Injury =52. And for another connection, the 52nd prime number is 239.

Cycling Accident =69/132. 69=Cancer=132. John Kerry Broken Leg =96 (Freemason / Satanism / MK-Ultra / Barry Obama / One Hundred Sixteen). John Kerry’s Fake Broken Leg =111. Subconscious Programming =111. The American Cancer Society =111. Vaccination =111. Global Genocide =111. Barack Obama Dies From Cancer =111. BIKE INJURY HOAX =73. RITUAL SACRIFICE =73. DIED FROM CANCER =73. CANCER MOONSHOT =73. Joe Biden =37.

  • Joe Biden is currently 73 years old and he has birth numerology of 73 (11+20+42).
  • Twentieth of November =239 (The 44th President Barack Obama / President Obama Poisoned / Death is Fake / Barack ‘Barry Soetoro’ Obama / History Repeats USA)


Vice President John Kerry =273. September 30 is the 273rd day of the year. From Biden’s death on 5/30 to 9/30 =123 days. Conspiracy =123. Obama Cancer Cure =123. President of the United States =321. And 9/30 like President Biden =93.
  • Faked Death Of Beau Biden =149. Beau Biden Death Hoax =149. Vice President =149.
Joe Biden =64. Barack Hussein Obama =64. Obama Sacrificed =64. Occult Megaritual =64. Cancer-Causing =64. Cancer Moonshot =64. Thelema =64. Do What Thou Wilt =64.
  • President Biden =72. Crowley died at age 72 and Joe was 72 when Beau died. Notice 72+72=144. Murder By Numbers =72. Masonic Coding =72. Joe’s family died in a car crash in ’72.
  • Joseph Biden =53. Carcinogen =53. Fifty Three =122. Beau Biden Blood Sacrifice =122. Masonic Hoax =122. Elohim =122.
Ritual Sacrifice =73. Joe has now sacrificed his first wife, both daughters, and his son. He’s certainly paying his dues to earn the presidency. It’s also possible that the Philly Train Wreck of 5/12 was a tribute to Joe – he’s from Pennsylvania=152. Joseph Robinette Biden =215. Joseph R Biden =125.
  • Originally from “Scranton, PA”=121. Blood Sacrifice =121. US Secretary of State John Kerry =121. Scranton =404.
  • JOSEPH ROBINETTE BIDEN JR =243. FORTY-FIFTH PRESIDENT =243. Joseph Robinette Biden Junior =2243. The 243rd day is 8/31 (leaving 122 days left). The reflection of 831: THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES =138.
  • Joseph Robinette Joe Biden Jr. =120. His daughter “Hunter Biden” =120. Presidential Inauguration =120. Hunter was born 1 year 1 day after Beau.

Vice President Joe Biden =213. Next US President =213. Joe Biden For President =213. John Kerry Broken Leg =213. Jewish Empire in America =213. 


5 thoughts on “Joe Biden’s Moonshot Mission and the Blood Sacrifice (Fake Death) of Beau Biden

  1. Brother Berg exposing the true agenda, and showing how everything syncs up. The Biden story is more of a novel….and an utterly fascinating one.

    Here’s a thought thats been keeping my mind busy. First, if Biden doesn’t join the race for President – I could see him as VP again for the Dem nominee. Second, I can see the same thing for Jeb Bush on the Republican side. Lets keep in mind that Bush delivers lots of big money fundraisers, and the all important electoral votes from the most important state to win – Florida.

    Trump Bush =138. Master Mason =138. Trump Bush Sixteen =1404.

    Vice President Jeb Bush =216, which is 6x6x6. Barack =216. Vice President Jeb Bush =2017. Possibly the year Trump will be Assassinated, and Bush will finally fulfill his destiny as President.

    Vice President Bush =199. Do What Thou Wilt =199. He will truly follow his fathers footsteps by being VP first, and then Pres.

    The Biden Family =133. White House =133.


  2. Dear Brother

    if he is not dead but still alive, trough your number occult science, can we know where he is? maybe in Europe, Kosovo, where they entitled him a road and a monument?

    please, answer me, it is very important to me.


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dear Brother,

    sorry If I’m here again, only wanted to make you know some interesting facts about Beau’ s story:

    – It was 30th May when he died, and I remember in the first hours the news came out, the doctors said they didn’t know the cause of his death; here the article:

    – befoe dying, he received 3 bills of health from his doctors; he was considered healed. Infact, he was running a campaing and raising funds for the governatorate of Delaware and then for the Congress; this means he was plannin a political career to take the place of his father with time, maybe to run also for the White House;

    – when he defended the judge who released the pedophile Richard Roberts Du Pont, no one noticed that Du Pont, a prominent member of the Du Pont De Nemours De La Roche family, was related to him through the family De La Roche: De La Roche family is a cadet line of the Lusignan- Plantagenet family ( see Burke’s Peerage ) and the Biden must be as well related to the Ashbrooke family ( cadets of De La Roche ), who owns the Jersey Island in England (again, Burke’s Peerage ). There is also a line called Biden- Rogers: Captain America’s name was Steve Rogers.

    – when he died, in Kosovo a road was entitled to him but also a monument, in which there is engraved a red wing. The name ‘ Rogers’ means also RED in ancient indoeuropean languages. Plus, Biden has a very interesting gloptological root: Biden/ Vidan/Wotan/Jidan/Judan/Sidan/Sithan/Satan,

    – here you can see the road and the monument to him, with the red- bronze wing as if he is a Fallen Angel who can Resurrect ( like Shemhazay, the chief of the fallens):

    – the same red wing can be seen as a logo on the foundation entitled to him:

    I’m not a cabalist, I’m an hermetist, I don’t work on numbers but on letters ( the world is done by letters and numbers ), and through letters and symbols I came at the same conclusion as yours.

    Now the question: if it is a fake death, and he was not totally ‘human’, let’s say, maybe he has gone under cover? Keeping another identity?

    And can we find through numbers if he is still alive, and where he is?

    Thanks again and sorry for the disturb.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. p.s: what I noticed most, is that online it is very difficult to find the pics of the commemorative document in Kosovo ( a US base basically… )

    it is like they don’t want to make it too much public

    in all google images, there are only 2 pics of the visible red winged monument.

    If you search, you can find,but when you open the links, the photos, still available in google images, have been removed from the sites.

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