Sixth Street Bridge Demolition: Predictive Programming Super Bowl Mayhem


LA’s iconic 6th St Viaduct is being demolished two days before the Super Bowl. This caught my attention due to the abundance of two-day-duration coding we’ve been seeing lately (Lemmy dying two days after his diagnosis; Celine Dion’s brother dying two days after her husband; Bowie dying two days after his birthday…) And it reminds me of a bizarre set of ‘body on a freeway’ stories we covered around the time of the World Series that involved a decode of California’s 101. Stories that were coded up with Super Bowl symbolism. While this bridge demolition seems completely innocuous and unrelated, its timing and coding connected to the Super Bowl inspires one to wonder.

Sixth Street Bridge =104/212. Super Bowl Terrorism =104. Freemasons Bowl =104. ISIS Hoax =104. Domestic Terrorist =104. Super Bowl L Terrorism =212. Homegrown Terror =212. It carries 6th St and WHITTIER BOULEVARD =212.

  • Sixth Street Bridge Demolition =139. Freemasonry =139.
  • Sixth Street Viaduct Demolition=147. Super Bowl =1407.
  • One Oh One =46. Levis Stadium =46. Golden Bowl =46. Assassin =101. Terroristic Threats =101. President Has Cancer =101.

Los Angeles =50/59. Sixth Street =50/59/68. SAN FRANCISCO =50/59/68. Barack Obama =68. One-Oh-One Freeway =84. Obama =84 (born 8/4). The 101 will be closed for 40 hours: FORTY =84. And the bridge itself is 84 years old. The reason given for the demolition is that it’s slowly crumbling due to a RARE CHEMICAL REACTION =181. Barack Obama =181. Forty Hrs =129. The President of the United States =129. XLIV =129.

  • The 101 Freeway will be closed for 40 hours starting at 10pm on February 5th.
  • February Fifth Ten Pm =96 (Freemason / Satanism / MK-Ultra / Islamic State Soldier / Domestic Terrorists / Another Distraction), =213 (Another Distraction / Racism / Vice President Joe Biden / Next US President). TEN PM =68. SIXTH STREET =68. BARACK OBAMA =68.
  • President Obama =142. One Hundred and One =142. Terrorist =142.

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 10.23.31 PM

Forty Hours =66. Bridge resembles the GOLDEN ARCHES =66. NFL =66 (first Super Bowl was in the ’66 season). Thirty-Three =66 (the SB starts at 3:30). ONE O ONE FREEWAY =166. SIXTH STREET BRIDGE FROM THE LA RIVER =166. TERROR THREAT =166. DISINFORMATION =166. TWIN TOWERS =166. NINE ELEVEN =166. Forty Hours Later =221. Super Bowl L Terrorist =2021. San Francisco =122 on the 122nd parallel. Golden State =122.

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 8.33.28 PM

Note the 1 day 16 hours =116. As we covered in the previous couple posts, it was 116 days from Beau Biden’s birthday to his death; 116 days from his death to 9/23 (start of the Jubilee); 116 days from 9/23 to Celine Dion’s brother’s death on 1/16. Jimmy Carter’s brain cancer was cured 116 days after his diagnosis (same brain cancer as Beau Biden). PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATION =1116.

  • 40 hours ends exactly 90 minutes before Super Bowl kick-off at 3:30. Tasman Dr =90. Ninety =33. Thirty-Three =895. LA River =895.

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 8.43.12 PM

The 101 shuts down 2 days before Super Bowl and Levi’s Stadium is 2 miles from the 101. The address of the 49ers stadium is 4900 Marie P DeBartolo Way. MARIE P DEBARTOLO WAY =86. SIXTH STREET BRIDGE =86. DOMESTIC TERRORIST =86. DIED OF BRAIN CANCER =86. JOSEPH BIDEN JUNIOR =86 (see below).

  • Game on 2/7 and the stadium is on “Tasman Dr”=27. Ritual =27. Bridge =270. Beau Biden was the “Attorney General of Delaware”=270. He died on 5/30/15 which amazingly is exactly 8 month 6 days (86) before the Bridge Demolition!
  • Of course that makes it 8 months 8 days before Super Bowl 50. California =88. Brain Cancer =88. Beau Biden Brain Cancer =88.

We’ve discussed bridge terrorism several times throughout the history of this blog. The Golden Gate Bridge has been predictive programmed for destruction over and over again. The controlled demolition of a famous bridge seen in multiple movies also reminds us of the Dark Knight bridge destruction scene – connected to terrorism at a football game.

  • BRIDGE =107. STADIUM COLLAPSE =170. (6th St Bridge is) EIGHTY-FOUR YEARS OLD =107. And get this: TWO DAYS =107. BIDEN RITUAL SACRIFICE =107. THE MANDARIN =107 (the terrorist revealed to be a hoax actor in Ironman 3, which aired right after the Packers-Cardinals game).

In Ironman 3 there’s a plot to assassinate the president involving a blatant false flag. There’s also several references to 68 – including a login “WarMachine68”. As it turns out, the nemesis in the film is KILLIAN =68 (11+9+12+12+9+1+14) and PRESIDENT ELLIS =68. BARACK OBAMA =68. ASSASSINATED =68. 


Were we just talking about the significance of 86 connected to the Super Bowl? This is that scene from Dark Knight in case you missed it. (Hines Ward #86 scored 86 total career touchdowns.) BRONCOS =86. SAN FRANCISCO =68. WARD =46. One Oh One =46. Levis Stadium =46. Golden Bowl =46. Black and Yellow =50. San Francisco =50. Sixth Street =50. Super Bowl 50.

  • The 48-year-old mayor of Gotham is murdered by Bane at this football game. His name is MAYOR ANTHONY GARCIA =91. POTUS =91. OBAMA’S BLOOD SACRIFICE =91. HIGHWAY ONE OH ONE =91. ANTHONY GARCIA =64. BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA =64.
  • Mayor is 48: Killed By Bane =48 and BARACK OBAMA =408. The reverse of Obama =84 and the 6th St Viaduct being demolished at age 84… All just a coincidence? Or something more. Something… sinister.


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