The Israeli-Palestinian Knife Intifida


Front page of the Times of Israel on January 17th, 2016, is yet another story about a Palestinian terrorist stabbing a Jew. This is all part of the latest phase of the ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN CONFLICT =122 (State Sponsored Terror / By Deception Thou Shalt Wage War). Aka the “Wave of Terror“=166 (Terror Threat / Disinformation / Social Engineering / Twin Towers / September Eleven). Aka the “Intifada of the Individuals“=116 (Prime Minister Netanyahu / Manipulated / Nuclear War / Nuclear Iran), =125 (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant). Aka the “KNIFE INTIFADA”=64 (INTIFADA / ISRAEL / ZION / A TERRORIST ATTACK / OCCULT MEGARITUAL / JUBILEE / THELEMA / DO WHAT THOU WILT), =109 (ZIONIST CONSPIRACY / PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE).

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 11.56.33 AM

This latest stabbing comes on the 127th day of the Conflict. State-Sponsored Terrorism =127. And of course that’s a coding of 44 and the victim is DAFNA MEIR =44 (Kill / Military / Genocide / Jihadist / Extremists / Police State / Mossad Job). Four Months Four Days =87/105. ISIL Fighters =87. Islamic State Soldier =87. Zionism =105. Masonry =105. Abu Baka al-Baghdadi =105. Domestic Terrorists =105. Terrorist Networks =105.

And now the West Bank settlement of Otneil is sealed off and the army has launched a massive manhunt to bring this latest coded Mossad agent to justice. There’s a fair chance the victim is either not real or an insider actor herself.

  • INTIFADA =170. Victim’s name DAFNA MEIR =71. MOSSAD =71. TERRORISTS =71. SETTLEMENT SEALED OFF =71. (Netanyahu calls the attack) a HEINOUS MURDER =71. STABBED =17 and this happened on the 17th day of the year and month: 1/17. She had four children aged 11-17. It’s reported that she had premonitions about her death, using the term RUSSIAN ROULETTE =1070.
  • Dafna =156. False Flag =156. Meir =124. Psychological Operations =124. Knife =270. Meir =270 and she died on a date with life lesson number of 27 (1+17+2+0+1+6). Meir =45. Stabbed to Death =45. Otneil =45.
  • She was 38. KNIFE ATTACK =38. STABBING =38. DEATH =38/118. PALESTINIAN TERRORIST =118.
  • She was remembered as “Joyful”=26. Dafna =26. God =26. Mossad Job =26.

Knife Intifada =240. Stabbed =204. Lying To Goyim =204. February 4th will be 144 days into the Conflict. Knifed =74. Stabbing =74. January Seventeenth =74 (Masonic / Occult / Killing / The Islamic State).

It happened in the settlement of OTNEIL =224/75. TERRORIST STRIKE =224. FAKE JEWISH SYMPATHY =224. A STABBING =75. New World Order =75. OTNEIL =450. STABBED TO DEATH =45. KNIFE =45. MEIR =45. And will ya look at the 4-5 count on the tweet below. Not mention the timestamps on the only two tweets attached to this latest propaganda story designed to generate more Jewish sympathy while demonizing those evil Palestinians.

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 1.04.24 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-17 at 11.33.13 AM

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