Black Panther V White Bronco


Peyton Manning, the White Bronco, wins to advance to the AFC Championship and the NY Times features this image, coded with (18+48)=66. NFL=66. First Super Bowl was played in ’66 and SB50 starts at 3:30 when Thirty-Three=66 and Fifty=66. L=50 and the letter L is based on the LAMBDHA=66. (Notice the ‘lamb’ when the last day of the Year of the Sheep is 2/7.)

  • And notice how it looks like 18:18 or 99 (the flip of 66). Broncos will be playing NEW ENGLAND=99 for the Super Bowl; Patriot=99. (It’s also Manning’s 18th season and 6+6+6=18 like 6x6x6=216.)
  • With regards to 66:99 and all the 69 coding we’ve been privy to this past couple weeks, last week all the away teams won and this week all the home teams won, in perfect symmetry. AWAY=14. HOME=41 (The Sheep / Lambdha). (14+41)=55 and Broncos are in their 55th season, as are the Patriots. Athletic Actors =55. 
  • ♋️ like 50/50: FIFTYFIFTY =60/132. WHITE BRONCO =60/132. Peyton=32. NFL=32.

 94 and 33 both reduce to 6 for another coded 66 alongside 55.

Broncos scored 23 points, the 23rd prime number is 83. Manning was born on the 83rd day of the year and Tom Brady born on 8/3. Football=83. Super Bowl 50 will be played on the 38th day of the year. 

  • HORSE =38/65. Batman is BEN AFFLECK =38/65. 
  • The “Year of the Sheep”=156 (God / Six Six Six) ends on Super Bowl Sunday and 2/8 begins the ‘Year of the Monkey’=186. The Sheep =86.  THE MONKEY =44. 

Cam Newton, the Black Panther, wins to advance to the NFC Championship and during the post-game interview says, “We’re playing LIGHTS OUT,” which an inordinate amount of emphasis on LIGHTS OUT =50/131. San Francisco =50 host of Super Bowl 50 and Super Bowl =131; Championship =131. You reckon he’s not just playing off a script but reading one too? Cam Newton was born on the 131st day of the year. 

BLACK PANTHER & WHITE BRONCO =108. Cam Newton =108. Black Panther =666. Black Nationalism =66. White Bronco =60. Cam Newton like Huey P Newton, founder of Black Panthers. Huey =59 (Negro / Slave) leader of Panther’s defence. Huey P Newton =58/166 and #58 led Carolina onto the field – “Thomas Davis”=131; age 32 born 3/22/83. (Denver=32, Broncos=32, Peyton=32, NFL=32 with 32 teams). After losing to Denver on Sunday, Brady will be 3-2 vs Broncos in AFC Championship games. 


Anyway, “Lights Out” made me think of that Ludacris song, MOVE BITCH =43. Which accordingly has a 4:30 length. The sum of the winning QB jerseys from this weekend’s game (1+3+12+18) =34. Newton has birth numerology of 43/34. 

There’s always much coding involved with Batman=174 (Carolina Panthers=174) and the trailer for the new movie Batman V Superman (Newton’s nickname is Superman) was played throughout Sunday: it’s coming out on (3+25+16) =43. That’s the day after Peyton Manning’s 40th birthday. Super Bowl 50 comes 1 week 19 days before Manning’s birthday. 

Move B***h =795. The 44th President Barack Obama =795. (BH like Barack Hussein?) The song came out on 5/31/01 – 3 months 11 days before 9/11. Like 311 days after 9/11 was the Madrid Train Bombing and 311 days after Charlie Hebdo was the Paris Attacks. 

Spot the 311? 

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