Clinton-Sanders and the Liar Coding Catch


Classic coding; yet further evidence that the Gematria tells the truth to those with eyes to see while the superficial rhetoric spits bullshit propaganda fiction and psychological warfare designed to deceive. The 144 connection to 666 like the year, the number of ‘The Beast’=311. USA=311. Notice the headline’s initials CSS=311. PUPPETS =113. Perjury =113.  Dishonest =113. NewsCorp =113. Vote or Die =113.

  • NBC NEWS =480/1080. SANDERS =480 (and it’s said he won the debate). The Beast =480. Tyler =480. Creator =480. Baphomet =480. Beelzebub =480. Illuminati =48. Rabbinic Judaism =1080. Anti-Savior =1080. Has Delusions of Grandeur =1080. Hoodwinked =1080. 


CLINTON AND SANDERS SPAR =96. PURITY VS PRAGMATISM =96. Freemason=96. The ranging degrees of Scottish Rite Masonry sum 31+32+33=96 and SANDERS =310 CLINTON=33. Satanism=96. Did you notice that Satanic rapper Tyler (the) Creator has the same gematria of Baphomet the Beast? Tyler Creator =960. Baphomet the Beast =960. MK-Ultra =96. Illuminati Propaganda =96. 

CNN’s liar-themed headline coded to a hidden 666 and this one from NY Times is in our face: BILL CLINTON =313. ARKANSAS =313. ELECT =133. HABITUAL LIARS =133. GOVERNMENT =133. WHITE HOUSE =133. CLINTON =33. 

  • Clinton Sanders =572. Skull and Bones =572. Benghazi =572. Leader of Tax =572. 
  • Democratic Party =72. Dog and Pony Show =72. The Establishment =72. Mass Mind Control =72. Lying to Goyim =72.

CLINTON SANDERS ARE COMPLETE LIARS =159. PATHOLOGICAL LIAR =159. PUPPET SHOW =159. The Psychological Warfare Machine =159. Israeli Secret Inteligence Service =159. Clinton-Sanders =59. CLINTON SANDERS FUCKING LIARS =117 after a 1/17 debate. 


BBC: “US Democrats Spar on Gun Control”=117/360. Headline synched up to the date and another references to the broken record that is politics (1080′ is 3 full spins). US DEMOCRATS SPAR =66. A BROKEN RECORD =66. TRIPLE SIXES =66. And the sum of 1 to 36 =666. 

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