Superheroes & Super Bowls: The Manning of Steel Vs SuperCam


SUPER BOWL =1407. BATMAN VS SUPERMAN =1470. In fearful symmetry, the potential Super Bowl match-up of Peyton Manning VS Cam Newton would harmonize with the upcoming Dawn of Justice film (opening March 25 with the latest trailer airing during round 2 of the playoffs) on deeper levels than mere symbolism. Indeed the Gematria coding appears to synchronize the superheroes with the QBs – and even the actors playing the superheroes.

So who’s who? Superman is Newton’s nickname (SuperCam) although he’s rocked Batman gear before, and Peyton as the aging Bruce Wayne fits the bill, although references have been made to the Manning of Steel. Let’s see what the alphanumerics have to say about it:

BATMAN =174. PEYTON IS BATMAN =174 (Carolina Panthers / New World Order), =66 (NFL / FIFTY), =57 (Golden – like Super Bowl 50 in the Golden State). THE GOLDEN SUPER BOWL =95. PEYTON =95. BATMANNING =95. SUPER BOWL TERRORISM =95. The Super Bowl comes 19 weeks 5 days (195) into the Jubilee Year, which started on Yom Kippur, September 23rd.

  • MANNING OF STEEL =73. Peyton ‘Bat’ Manning =73. I’m Batman =73. Manning of Steel =73. Genetically Engineered =73. Sacrifice =73. Denver Broncos =73. San Fran =73. Sports Authority =73 (name of the Broncos stadium).
  • Batman Peyton Manning =83. Football =83. He was born on the 83rd day of the year (and will turn 40 the day before the release of Batman V Superman). The first Super Bowl of the modern era was played on a date with 83 numerology. John Elway was drafted to the Colts in ’83 and became the oldest player to ever win Super Bowl MVP at 38 in his final game. Manning was drafted by the Colts and Super Bowl 50 may well be his final games, coming on the 38th day of the year with 38 numerology. Colorado =38. Five Oh =38. Panthers =38. First they must beat the Patriots with Tom Brady born on 8/3 and is 38.
  • Batman Manning =51/123. Conspiracy =51/123. (Director of Batman V Superman) Zach Snyder =51/123. Batman =51. Denver Colorado =151. Manning’s last Super Bowl appearance finished with a total score of 51 and Super Bowl I was played on 1/15. Cam Newton was born on 5/11. Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice =105. Dawn of Justice =51 and the film has a 151 minute runtime.

Bruce Wayne =45. Vigilante =45. Perhaps the reflection indicates his alter-ego? BATMAN V SUPERMAN =54. MANNING OF STEEL =154. Denver Broncos =154. Levi’s Stadium =154. Denver was incorporated as a city 154 years ago. Bruce Wayne =117. Manning and Newton’s birthday anniversaries are 1 month 17 days apart. Newton entered the playoffs with a career total 117 passing touchdowns. Notice all these numbers reduce to 9, like completion, like Manning’s 1+8.

  • That’s also a span of 6 weeks 6 days for another NFL=66 / FIFTY=66 connect and recall the first Super Bowl of the modern era was in the ’66 season. TWO SEVEN SIXTEEN =66. ELWAY =66. THIRTY-THREE =66 and Super Bowl kickoff is at 3:30. If Broncos win they’ll be 3-3 all-time in the finals. Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice =330. Cam Newton is a BLACK PANTHER =666.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 3.18.36 PM

Cam Newton was first pick in the first round of ’11, he’s born on the 11th, and is listed at 111 kg. And he wears #1. As Superman he symbolically wears an S on chest as S=19 and 1+9=1. On 12/24/15, Newton’s wife delivered their newborn son: Chosen Sebastian Newton =83. What a name! Football =83. Lombardi =38. Chosen was born 380 days after Cam’s car crash hoax on 12/9/14 (as an excuse to go in for upgrades to his cyborg chassis). That’s also a span of 1 year 15 days – like Cam’s birthday on 5/11 – and 1 month 15 days before Super Bowl 50. Again the first SB was on 1/15.

  • That makes it 1 year 1 month 30 days (113) between Super Bowl 50 and Cam’s car crash. Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, the actors playing Batman and Superman in the new movie, were born 3 months 11 days (311) apart. QUARTERBACK SUPERHEROES =113.
  • Speaking about superheroes, Cam’s middle name is “Jerrell”=810. “Genetically Engineered”=810/199. Chosen =196. Batman VS Superman =199. Do What Thou Wilt =199. Vigilante =99.
  • Manning’s middle name is Williams=35. Jerrell=35. Superman=35. Tom Brady =35.

Like the 6 weeks 6 days between Mannng and Williams birthdays, Cam’s car crash was 60 weeks 6 days before the Super Bowl – or 10,224 hours (1224). Matching perfectly with Chosen’s birthday on 12/24 and Ben Affleck’s full name “Benjamin Geza Affleck-Boldt =1224. Divide and Conquer =1224. Superman Quarterback =224.


The 38/83 football-superheroes connections continue: BATMAN V SUPERMAN =1380. BAT =138. Super Bowl 50 comes 138 days into the Jubilee Year from 9/23. The nemesis in the upcoming film is Doomsday, who in the DC Universe is the only character to have killed Superman, which he accomplished by beating him to death. Doomsday is an ANCIENT KRYPTONIAN =83 from KRYPTON =38. In the trailer, Superman is labeled a FALSE GOD =183 and Cavill, the actor who plays him, was born in ’83.

  • Doomsday =33/42/96. Supercam =33/42/96. False God =33/42/69. QB Superheroes =69. DC Comics =69/414. False Flag =414. 

“Cam Jerrell Newton”=1979. Manning was born in 1976. Cam Jerrell =43. DC =43. Cam (3+1+13) is 13 years younger than Peyton. Cavill is 11 years younger than Affleck. Cavill turns 33 exactly 1 month 11 days (111) after the release of Superman V Batman, while Affleck turns 44 exactly 144 days later – their birthdays are 14 weeks 4 days apart.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 3.00.20 PM

  • (Forty-Four=144). Affleck=44. (Superman=44/506). Cavill=59. Clark Kent=95. Clark Kent is Superman =95. Kill=44/59. Superheroes=59. The Bat=56.
  • Lombardi =74. Batman =174. Carolina Panthers =174. Krypton =714/119.
  • It was 1 year 1 month 9 days (119) between Cam’s car crash / system update and the Super Bowl 1 month 19 days (119) between Super Bowl and the release of the movie. Ancient Ones =119. Star of David =119. Mind Control =119. Three Eleven =119 (notice the 13.11% of 2016.) And just take a gander at all those numbers coded into the duration:
  • Justice League =48. Illuminati =48. Hollywood =48. Sports Actors =48. Six-Six-Six =48. Fixed =48. Manning’s last Super Bowl was the 48th. Manchurian Athletes =84. Carolina Panthers =84.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 3.09.41 PM

  • Peyton Manning =68. His nickname is “The Sheriff”=68. He won in SupDenver =68. Mile High Salute =68. Superheroes =68.

This tweet archived on the Bleacher Report came up on a Batman+Cam+Newton search. 12/1/13 is exactly 114 weeks before Super Bowl 50. That makes it 14 days after the Panther’s Blackout game (on the 322nd day) where he wore these Batman cleats. Timestamp at 104 when QUARTERBACK SUPERHEROES =104. SUPER BOWL =41. And notice the 12/1 connected to 12:o1. 12 & 1 like Brady & Newton.

  • Those Cleats Are On Point My Dude =155. Fixed Sports =155. False Flag Operation =551.
  • 171 RTs and 101 favs: “The Justice League” =171. Broncos Win Super Bowl =101.
  • Superhero Quarterback =98. Tom Brady =98.


As it turns out, BRADY IS BATMAN.

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