Pt 1: The Eagles Sacrifice for a Patriots Bowl and the Glenn Frey Deflategate Harmonics


GLENN FREY =52/106. The 52nd prime is 239, the current age of America in ’16. The fulfilment of 16 is 116. His birthday was on 11/6/48 which is immediately incriminating based on the latest celebrity deaths of 2016. 116 days from Beau Biden’s birthday to his death; 116 days from his death to 9/23 (start of the Jubilee); 116 days from 9/23 to Celine Dion’s brother’s death on 1/16. Jimmy Carter’s brain cancer was cured 116 days after his diagnosis (same brain cancer as Beau Biden). PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATION =1116.

  • It was 116 days between the NFL suspension of Brady over the Deflategate scandal and the suspension being dropped. Notice it was announced on 5/11 – Cam Newton’s birthday! (Speaking of which, 3 months 24 days like Peyton Maning born 3/24 — Time from the Deflategate Game to suspension dropped 32 weeks 4 days.)
  • Deflategate is also called BALLGHAZI =78. PATRIOTS SUPER BOWL =78. QB SUPERHEROES =78. Frey died in NEW YORK NEW YORK =78.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 7.40.14 PM

  • Remember that the upcoming demolition of LA’s 6th St Bridge will close down the 101 Freeway for 1 days 16 hours – until 90 minutes before Super Bowl kickoff at 3:30. Sixteen =33. Ninety=33. That’s 2 days before the Bowl until 2 hours before and if we drive the 101 up from LA we pass within 2 miles of Levi’s Stadium – and a further 25 miles takes us to SAN MATEO =25. The Silicon Valley town where Tom Brady was manufactured and programmed I mean born naturally as any normal human baby.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 8.31.49 PM

Depending on traffic, it’s about a 35 minute drive from Levi’s Stadium to Tom Brady’s birthplace. TOM BRADY =35 and he’s a life lesson number of 35 (8+3+1+9+7+7). In the Deflategate game he had 35 attempts and it was 35 days between all the events of Deflategate. Brady won Super Bowl XLIX when he was 35 and his wife Gisele was 35 when his son was born on 22/8. Brady’s playoff record currently sits at 22-8. The Deflategate suspension was thrown out after 228 days. Lemmy died on 12/28 – 41 days before the SUPER BOWL =41. (“Glenn Frey: A Blood Sacrifice” =228. Death =228/118. Died on 1/18.)

  • His son’s birthday 22/8 leaves 131 days in the year. Super Bowl =131. Championship =131. Brady’s first ever playoff came on 1/19 – 131 days days after 9/11, the perfect symbolic win for the Patriot Act era. (That’s also 4 months 9 days.) And that first game on 1/19 came exactly 12 weeks 1 day (121) after the signing of the Patriot Act.
  • So there we have a 49 and a 121 coded into Brady’s first playoff game. REVELATION =49/121. Super Bowl 50 is on the 49ers home field and Brady vs Newton is #12 & #1 (121). It’s also 1 year 21 days from the Deflategate Game. EAGLES =49.

Blood Sacrifice =121/67. Glenn Frey died at age 67 on 1/18 – the one-year anniversary of the Deflate Game! This death of the FOUNDING FATHERS of the EAGLES is perfectly coded to the PATRIOTS. It’s been 14 years 2001. FOURTEEN=41. SUPER BOWL=41. And recall the first round of the playoff went to all away teams and the second round went to all the home teams: AWAY=14. HOME=41.

  • Brady grew up 41 minutes away from Levi’s Stadium – in his hometown of San Mateo on PORTOLA DRIVE =155. EAGLES’ GLENN FREY =155. It’s 55 weeks 1 day between Deflategate and Super Bowl 50. Brady’s son born on 22/8 celebrated his 8th birthday 155 days before the upcoming Patriots-Broncos game. NE PATRIOTS WIN SUPER BOWL FIFTY =155. FIXED SPORTS =155.
  • EAGLES’ GLENN FREY =74/83. Lombardi =74. Carolina Panthers =74. Batman vs Superman =1470. Super Bowl =1407. Football =83. Tom Brady born on 8/3, is currently 38 years old, and the Super Bowl is on the 38th day. Brady won Super Bowl 38 over the Panthers on a date with 27 numerology like this year’s game on 2/7. EAGLE=38.

Glenn Frey Sacrifice =98. Tom Brady =98. Thomas Edward Patrick “Tom” Brady, Jr. =137. NE Patriots Win Super Bowl Fifty =137. The 33rd prime number is 137 and the SB kicks off at 3:30. Patriots are now 13-4 which means that after winning Super Bowl 50 they’ll be 15-4. Levi’s Stadium =154.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 8.37.22 PM

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