Levi’s Stadium Scheduled for Controlled Demolition in False Flag Super Bowl Attack?


Magnusson Klemencic Associates, the structural and civil engineering consulting firm that build the World Trade Center – designed from the outset to be destroyed in an occult megaritual – also build San Francisco’s Levi’s Stadium, home of Super Bowl 50. Their extremely laced Wiki points out several coded references to Levi’s:

“Magnusson Klemencic Associates was founded in 1923 as the W.H. Witt Company in Seattle. In 1929, Witt died in a railroad crossing accident and the company passed to partners Harold Worthington and George Runciman (who was referred to as “a leading structural engineer in Seattle”. During this time the firm designed several notable Seattle buildings, including the Joseph Vance Building and the 1223 Spring Apartment Building.”

  • Levi’s Stadium =154/46. “A Leading Structural Engineer in Seattle” =154. Joseph Vance =46. Spring Apartment Building =116. And attached to the inverted 911 we have the fulfilment of 223 coding, like the #322 Skull & Bones on the skybox in Gotham City Stadium during the Dark Knight.
  • Jesuit Order =1223/144. Federal Reserve Board =1223. Consensus Reality =1223.

Magnusson Klemencic Associates =1112/111/156. Zionist =112. New York =111. False Flag =156. The 156th prime number is 911 and MKA built the buildings that were control demolitioned on 9/11 – the day that leaves 111 days remaining in the year.

  • Magnusson Klemencic =673. Betrayer =673. Triple Six =673. Associates =666. And in the 6-7-3 coding I see LEVI’S=67 / LEVITE=73 / GOTHAM CITY STADIUM =73 / LEVI’S STADIUM SANTA CLARA =73. Or, Blood Sacrifice =67 / Ritual Sacrifice =73. Wiki also points out “the company has completed projects worth more than $73 billion.”
  • MKA=41 (30+10+1=311). Super Bowl =41. MKA=25 (13+11+1). MK Assassin?

The Chief Structural Engineer of the World Trade Center was a cat called JOHN SKILLING. … JOHN’S KILLING. … John=47. Star of David =47. Mafia =47. Killing =74. John’s Killing =59. Kill =59.

  •  JOHN SKILLING =903. 4 MKA is currently 93 years old. Saturn=93. Flight 93 had 33 passengers, Flight 175 hit the second tower (allegedly) at 9:03. WE HAVE PREPARED NOW WE STRIKE =309.


Levi’s Stadium. LEVI is an anagram for EVIL=48. ILLUMINATI=48. Levi like the Jewish bloodline, one of the 12 tribes of Israel. TRIBE OF LEVI =123. MAGNUSSON =123. CONSPIRACY =123. THE ROYALS =123. So when we think of Levi’s blue jeans we can view it symbolically as Levite genetics: Levi Genes, which are Evil Genes.

  • Levites =929. United States of America =929. Manifest Destiny =929. Arizona Cardinals =929. LEVI GENES =98 (Thermite / Prophet / Ben Affleck / Tom Brady / Mossad Job / Rigged Pro Sports). Blue Jeans =89.
  • This continues on the symbolism of the ROYALS winning the World Series. ROYAL GENES =121/698. JOHN =698. Royal Blue Jeans? ROYAL BLUE =666.


GOTHAM CITY =49/121. REVELATION =49/121. Santa Clara CA =94. Terrorist Incident =94. Gotham City Rogues =206. Sacrifice =206. Rigged Pro Sports =206. GOTHAM CITY STADIUM =73. LEVI’S STADIUM SANTA CLARA =73. LEVITE =73. RITUAL SACRIFICE =73.

Is this predictive programming for destruction of Levi’s Stadium? Remember that LA’s 6th Street Bridge is being demolished hours before the Super Bowl and shutting down part of the 101, which runs right past the stadium, for forty hours. Perhaps a subconscious queue to being lost in the desert for 40 years, or it raining for 40 days and 40 nights when God wanted to cleanse the world. There are several instances in the Bible where major changes and transformations occur after 40.

Two workers with near-identical Gematria died in the construction of Evil’s Stadium. Edward Lake II, age 60, was crushed by rebar on 10/13/14 and Donald E White Jr, age 63, was crushed by an elevator counterweight on 6/11/13. Reduced those dates share a coded 113 / 1113. Recall MKA (311/1311) and THE BEAST =311.

  • Edward Lake II =102/57. Donald E White =120/57. Five-O =57 [like Super Bowl 50]. Illuminati =120. United States of America =102. Al Qaeda =102. 9/11 lated 102 minutes or 1 hour 42:
  • Bomb in Stadium =142. Terrorist =142. Nanothermite =142. ISIL Propaganda =142. Cam Newton One =142.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 2.11.49 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-19 at 2.07.47 PM

That’s 1 year 4 months 2 days apart (142) or 69 weeks 6 days (696). End date included makes 490 days at 4900 block of 49ers Stadium. That’s exactly ‘Seventy Weeks’ =47/56. Seventy Weeks Later =229/67. The duration between the first death on 10/13 and Super Bowl 50 is exactly 69 weeks. FALSE FLAG =69.


6 thoughts on “Levi’s Stadium Scheduled for Controlled Demolition in False Flag Super Bowl Attack?

  1. I got chills reading this one. You might have gotten a lil too close to the truth 😉 I also read about what Zach had to say on this subject. You guys really caught a big one here!

    Demolition Day =722. February Seventh =1722. The Fulfillment. And the Super Bowl is on 2/7. How do you like – Super Bowl Fifty Sacrifice =270. Just like the date, 2/7.

    Two Seven Sixteen =66. NFL =66. Fifty =66. Two Seven =33. Sixteen=33.

    In previous posts the # 83/38 have been mentioned alot – Football =83, and the SB is on the 38th day of the year. Death =38.

    Super Bowl Blow Out =239. Thirty Eighth Day =1239, another possible fulfillment.

    Thirty Eighth Day =187. Thats the California Police code for Homicide – ummm, big clue?!

    Thirty Eighth Day of Twenty Sixteen =411. Assassin =411. Thats also the – Information Number =207, again the SB is on 2/7.

    Information =415 – the SF area code is 415. Information =62. Mason =62. Mason’s control Information – love gematria.

    Dark Knight Style Demolition =1021. Blood Sacrifice =121. Revelation =121.

    Controlled Demolition =1404.


    • Awesome work brother! In Dark Knight the Rogues are playing the ‘Rapid City Monuments’ =239.

      Santa Clara =27. Psychological Warfare Machine =270. Mayday Mayday Mayday =72. May Day (5/1) is the 121st day of the year.

      And if Controlled Demolition =1404 is it the fulfilment of Thermite=44?


  2. The fulfillments should be obvious…..I’m still in shock over – Demolition Day =722 – February Seventh =1722. Both of which are in Jew Gem – the toughest of Fulfillments.

    722 is alot like Pi. When you add the first 144 digits of pi you get 666.

    I caught your – Royal Blue =666. Well, Red And White =666 as well. Isn’t Levi Stadium mainly red & white?

    Red And White =1156. Six Six Six =156.

    Denver wears – Orange =33. Thirty Three =156. Orange =360…add 1-36 =666.

    Denver’s road uniforms are Orange And White =144. Their Home Uni’s – Orange And Blue =119.

    You sure you’re going Pats??


    • Demolition Day connect is so rad. No I’m not sure anymore! Ha, me and Zach working on the Pats win yesterday seemed so money but today things seem more Broncos. I haven’t bet yet so we’ll see what the next couple days bring though in the programming.


  3. The Sumerian God Enki/Ea(EA sports) number is 40. His brother Enlil is 50. Their father is Anu number is 60. I think the Sumerian stuff is older than the bible so when I see 40, I figure it came from there. These people in charge do seem to like going back to that area.
    In the past few years they have timed super bowl half time ritual with silver gate over stadium. I have not checked for this year. I think it has the opposite power of the golden gate.
    You having been putting out some really awesome posts. Thanks for all your research.


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