On the Fall of Superman


George Reeves as Superman: dead from gunshot to head. Christopher Reeve as Superman: quadriplegic and dead. Cam Newton as Superman: TBD. Looking for more of a Super Bowl connection? GEORGE REEVES =131. CHRISTOPHER D’OLIER REEVE =131. SUPER BOWL =131. CHAMPIONSHIP =131. GEORGE REEVES =1039. CHRISTOPHER =139. FREEMASONRY =139. ULTRAHUMAN=39. BEYOND MAN =39.

George Reeves (January 5, 1914 – June 16, 1959) is best known for his role as Superman in the 1950s show Adventures of Superman. He was murdered at 45 in a blood sacrifice ritual labeled a suicide with an asterisk. UBERMENSCH=45. OVERHUMAN=45. CLARK=45. KRYPTONITE=54.

  • George Reeves =68 (Quadriplegic / Super Bowl Ritual), =77 (Judaism / Shadow Government / Levi’s Stadium Santa Clara CA). For a time he used his stepfather’s name of “George Bessolo”=144 (Forty-Four=144. Superman=44.); his mother told him that his stepfather killed himself, though it was later discovered he was still alive. Hmm… George =57. Clark Kent =570. Eddie Mannix =57 (the studio exec know as the ‘fixer’ who’s suspected of having Reeves killed – and Josh Brolin’s character in Hail Caesar, the new Coen Bros joint out two days before the SB.)
  • BORN (1/5/14) =21/20/39. DIED (6/16/59) =46/81/100/37.

George Reeves died 6 months 11 days before the 27th NFL Championship Game on 12/27/59 (Colts over Giants total score of 47 – and gross receipts for the game at $666,000). Early tributes to Super Bowl 50 on 2/7? It was a rematch of the previous ’58 season’s Championship known as ‘The Greatest Game Ever Played’ =114 (S) /123 — Colts over Giants total score of 50. Reeves died 170 days after that one (Jew World Order =170). That’s the horse team trampling the NY team twice in a row – clues to Broncos beating Patriots?

The first ever Super Bowl finished with a total score of 45 and Reeves died at 45. It was played on 1/15 and Reeves died 5 months 11 days after his final birthday in 59. Kill=59. SUPERHEROES =59. SUPERMAN IS DEAD =59.

  • His birthday anniversary falls 5 months 2 days after Super Bowl 1 and Christopher Reeve died at 52 (and was born in ’52 on the 25th of Sept).
  • Reeves’ and Reeve’s birthdays are 3 months 11 days / 14 weeks 4 days apart.

images_620x220_S_superman george reeves-600x220

Christopher Reeve (September 25, 1952 – October 10, 2004) is best known for his role as Superman in the film series Superman. He became a quadriplegic after being thrown from his horse on 5/27/95. He died of a heart attack while filming Everyone’s Hero =75/174. New World Order =75/174. (That film made $16.6 million and the original Superman died on 16/6. DEATH OF SUPERMAN =166.)

  • BORN (9/25/52) =51/86/105 (Masonry / Zionism / Super Bowl Sacrifice / Fallen Superhero [1050]) and DIED (10/10/04) =26/24/44 (Superman)
  • Reeve =795. The 44th President Barack Obama =795.
  • Lil’ Chris was 6 years 8 months 22 days old when Reeve died. Quadriplegic =68/122. Superheroes =68. George Reeves =68 (like the inverse of Reeve’s birth number 86. Broncos / Levi’s Stadium Santa Clara CA =86)


SUPERMAN=506. Reeve fell off his horse on a date with mind-numbingly ominous numerology of 56 (KAL-EL / SUPERMAN CURSE); 103 (QUADRIPLEGIC SUPERMAN / DARK KNIGHT), =84 (EVERYONE’S HERO), =38 (DEATH NOTE / BEN AFFLECK [played George Reeve in Hollywoodland and now Batman] / KRYPTON / THE FALLEN / MAN OF STEEL). Wow. And the Man of Steel defeated by a BRONCO, eh… Hmm. Bronco =67. Death of Superman =67. Fallen Superhero =670.

TOM BRADY BRUCE WAYNE =215. PARALYZED SUPERMAN =215. THIRTY-SIX WEEKS =215. Reeve died 36 weeks after “Super Bowl XXXVIII”=90 (S=90) between Patriots-Panthers, which may be the rematch this year. That game had 144.4 million viewers, ha. Reeve died 8 months 9 days later =89. Accidental Shooting =89. Rigged Pro Sports =89. The Dark Knight Rises =89. This was the SB with the JANET JACKSON WARDROBE MALFUNCTION =121.

  • THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN =119. KRYPTON =119. Reeve died 119 days before the next Super Bowl, also featuring the Patriots.
  • It’s said that Marlon Brando’s career and life went to shit after his bit part in Superman: The Movie. He would die 14 weeks 4 days before Reeve (144).
  • Same with Richard Pryor, who died 1 year 2 months 1 day after Reeve (121). Pryor was born on 12/1 and died on 12/10. Blood Sacrifice =121.


Christopher Reeve’s wife, Dana Reeve, was diagnosed with lung cancer on 8/9 (like Reeve’s 8 months 9 days later) – 303 days after Chris died – and she died less than a year later at age 44. LUNG CANCER =44. CANCER =44. CHEMO =44. KILL =44. SUPERMAN =44. Like Christopher dying on date with 44 numerology.

**FUN FACT** The first ever onscreen Superman was KIRK ALYN =570 and the new Superman is HENRY CAVILL =57: CLARK KENT =570. (‘Our Lady Peace – Superman’s Dead’ came out 570 days after Reeve was thrown off the horse.) SUPERHERO =750. Lois Lane was played by MARGOT KIDDER =750. DANA REEVE =75. LOIS LANE=33. LOIS=330. REEVE=330.


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