Super Bowl Sacrifices – Decoding Continues


WILDCARD WEEKEND =141: All four AWAY teams won. The net weekend, round two, all four HOME teams won. Understand the alphanumeric harmonics between those two words, feel the balance of 4/4.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 11.06.11 PM

It’s been 14 years since 9/11/2001, or exactly 1441% of a common year on 2/7. SUPER BOWL =41. DEFLATE =141. DEFLATEGATE =41. LAMBDHA =41 (which is the Greek symbol the letter L is modelled off, Super Bowl 50 opting to not use the roman numeral L).

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 11.12.07 PM

Is this another clue? Super Bowl L played on 7/2 (as February 7th is written every else in the world) to be won by Tom Brady #12? We’ve seen an ample amount of pre-programming for a blackout event: Super Bowl Blackout =72. Is that a literal power outage or ‘black out’ as in Cam Newton, the black quarterback, loses to Uncle Tom Brady. The NFL is scripted by the numbers, a genuine DOG AND PONY SHOW =72.

  • These are sports actors, part of what may very well be called the SPORTS ACTORS GUILD =207. (Imagine that 0 as a slash.) And just look what 2×7 is…
  • Super Bowl Power Outage =106/277. Glenn Frey =106. Prophecy =106. Super Bowl 47 (Ravens over 49ers) saw a 33-minute blackout.


Zeroes don’t count in numerology so this coded tweet reduces to another 14/41. Most if not all of the tweets featured in propaganda articles aren’t written by who they say they are – they’re scripted and encoded by the script-writers and schedule-posted at the perfect time for numerological purposes. This is a big part of the constant promotion of social media as a news source, just another avenue to pump out that coding into our subconscious; in order to hide in plain sight by revealing what’s really going on.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 11.19.41 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-18 at 11.39.54 PM

  • Huey Lewis & The News =77. The Power of Love =77. Brady was born in ’77 in SAN MATEO CALIFORNIA =77. LOMBARDI TROPHY =77. SUPER BOWL RITUAL =77. (Again 7+7=14).
  • Add any two of those phrases together and get 154. Levi’s Stadium =154.

Huey Lewis reminds of Huey Newton, Black Panther Party founder, which reminds of Cam Newton the black Carolina Panther. BLACK PANTHERS =49 like Super Bowl at the 49ers home field. With the S-excpetion, Black Panthers =58. Huey P Newton =58. Freemasonry =58. Like Carolina’s football team, Huey’s Panthers were fraudulent, a cointelpro operation of controlled opposition designed to deceive.

  • Huey Lewis reminds us of Back to the Future Day, 10/21. Viewed in reverse that’s another #12 / #1 jersey programming. 10/21 is also the date Joe Biden announced his moonshot to cure cancer – 144 days after his son died. 10/21 reduces to 121. Blood Sacrifice =121/67. Glenn Frey of the Eagles died at age 67 – 67 days after the Eagles of Death Metal hoax in the Paris Attacks.
  • Eagles Death =87. Huey Lewis and the News =87. Classic Rock Sacrifice =87. Year of the Monkey =87, which starts the day after the Super Bowl. SUPER BOWL SACRIFICE =87.
  • 15 weeks 5 days =155. NE PATRIOTS WIN SUPER BOWL FIFTY =155. FIXED SPORTS =155. It’s 55 weeks 1 day between Deflategate and Super Bowl 50.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 11.46.22 PM

Here’s another secret tweet, coding in the 69 symbol of transformation. “We Love You Glenn Frey” =96. Super Bowl Sacrifice =96. Rita Wilson =50/140 for another one of those connected to the SB50. And that 273 might be a 27-73 for 2/7; Ritual Sacrifice =73.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 12.11.58 AMScreen Shot 2016-01-19 at 12.13.43 AM

PATRIOTS SUPER BOWL FIFTY =108. CLASSIC ROCK BLOOD SACRIFICE =108. SUPER BOWL BLOOD SACRIFICE =108/117. Mott the Hoople’s drummer was sacrificed on 1/17. A musician called Blowfly also died on 1/17 from “Liver Cancer”=110 same as Bowie on 1/10. Blowfly died at 76, the reflection of 67 in this ongoing theme of inversions.


  • What’s interesting about this death is that his final and 27th album is to be released posthumous in February. It’s called 77 TROMBONES =49/121. There’s that number pairing of revelation again connected to the Super Bowl between #1 and #21. And again Brady born in ’77. Seventy-Seven =49/67 and 7×7=49.

2 thoughts on “Super Bowl Sacrifices – Decoding Continues

  1. I’m stunned reading all the NFL posts today. When I last visited this site it was SuperCam VS Manning of Steel. That was the cherry on top of a dozen posts before it eluding to a Broncos/Manning SB.

    Now it seems that overnight – the Broncos have been dropped, and the Patriots have been anointed Champs. Can you do a short post on the top 5 bullet points that led you to this extreme reversal?

    I feel the gematria thats been done throughout the 2nd half of the football season has all pointed to the Broncos. I can’t just ignore that now, and go with the Pats because L =72, 12…..and Brady wears 12 while playing on 2/7. Well, Manning =72.

    Idk, I guess I’m just a lil shellshocked to see the change of opinion….I’ve read all the blog entries on this subject. Yes, they make sense, but are they more powerful & compelling then all the Broncos/Manning work thats already been done? I don’t think so. If GB had won I think I could substitute Aaron Rogers for Tom Brady.

    It took me a very long time to believe in Denver – the gematria ate away at me for months – I held strong to the Colts making a big comeback for most of the season. Finally, I’m convinced it will be the Broncos representing the AFC.

    You should do something on Bowlen/Kubiak VS Kraft/Belichick. Here’s an appetizer….

    Bowlen=71, and he’s currently 71yrs old. Seventy One =144. He will turn 72, 11 days after the SB – which is on 2/7. Mile High =71.

    Kubiak =330, 55. Satan =330, 55. Kubiak was drafted by Denver in ’83 – the same year they drafted Elway #1. Gary Kubiak =720 – like the date of the SB, 2/7. Gary Kiubiak =106 – take that ball & run w/ it.

    Speaking of Elway…..Elway =66. NFL =66. Fifty =66. And like you pointed out – it’s SB L – My boy, EL-way puts the L in Super Bowl L.

    Kraft =56. He was born on 6/5. Bill Belichick =97. Kraft =197. Belichick =62. Mason =62.

    Kraft Belichick =266, 118. Bowlen Kubiak =1249. Football =249.


  2. I got a lil carried away in my previous comment. Sticking to business here…..

    You made good points about a SB “blackout”……the last time that happened, Beyonce was the halftime performer. And this year Beyonce will be performing as well along with Coldplay. And since I already ruined the surprise once – let me say again – Jay Z will make a surprise appearance as well. It’ll be an Illuminati-rific performance! Blackouts & All!!

    I’m sorry, but I’ve got a lil more to say. I’ll NEVER forget the Maserati commercial that aired only once, two years ago, during SB 48. It was called – Strike =294, 492. Football =249.

    From the date of the commercial airing 2/2/14 to SB 50 on 2/7/16 =735 days. Seven Hundred Thirty Five Days =330. Maserati Ghibli =133. Super Bowl Fifty Halftime Show =336, 2016.

    Halftime Show =139. Master Mason =139. We Have Prepared Now We Strike =309.


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