Carolina and the Yin/Yang of Blackouts/Whiteouts

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And if that cross is a T=20, Dylann Storm Roof could be posing in front of a coded 288. “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop”=288. That’s the name of the last speech delivered by Martin Luther King Jr. before dying the next day.

The duration between the Charleston Church Shooting Hoax and the NFC Championship Game – Carolina starring in both – is 221 days. Like the reversal of “San Francisco” =122 on the 122nd parallel in the “Golden State”=122. An Earthquake =122. It’s also 7 month 7 days =77: Levi’s Stadium Santa Clara CA =77. Hexagram =77. Judaism =77. The 77th meridian (the American Meridian) runs through DC and the East Coast is currently bracing for the snowstorm of the century.

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And if we run a string from the Charleston Church Massacre to Super Bowl Sunday on 2/7 in “Santa Clara”=27, we get 7 months 22 days. (Lincoln died at 7:22 and Reagan shot at 2:27.) Super Bowl Fifty Sacrifice =270. February Seventh =1722. Demolition Day =722. Wheels Within Wheels =227 and 22/7 represents pi, which is all about wheels within wheels and the fractal nature of reality. History repeating itself.

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CAROLINA PANTHERS =174. The fulfilment of 74. Now as a refresher to Charleston, watch how many 74s are coded into that story: DYLANN STORM ROOF (74) burst into a BIBLE STUDY CLASS (74) on CALHOUN (74) St. and murdered 9 people including CLEMENTA C PINCKNEY (74) before being arrested on the I-74 and taken to Burger King. That shooting came 74 days after the Walter Scott shooting psy-op, also in Charleston. (That’s 74 days after 4/4, the 47th anniversary of the MLK shooting).

With all this race war bullshit being promoted by the psychological warfare machine, a Super Bowl matchup between a black QB and a white QB perfectly fits the narrative. With all the proven links between the Super Bowl and Oscars (parts A & B to the same occult mega-ritual), and the obvious obsession with deep symbolism, we should take into account this year’s Oscar “Whiteout.” Does that suggest the Super Bowl will also be between two white quarterbacks?


At the time of writing there is an historic blizzard brewing on the East Coast. A whiteout is when the horizon disappears due to snow. There’s also a movie called Whiteout, released on 9/11/09. That’s exactly 2340 days before Super Bowl 50. CONTROLLED DEMOLITION =234. Masonic Ritual Murder =234. Hexagram =432. If we sum 234 by its reflection: 234+432=666.

  • WHITEOUT =121. Blood Sacrifice =121. Revelation =121. LA =12 1. LA turned 234 on September 4th — 156 days before Super Bowl 50. FALSE FLAG =156. SIX SIX SIX =156.

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