The Sacrifice of Coach Rivera’s Brother


The brother of Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera passed away from pancreatic cancer on July 28th, 2015. That day leaves 156 in the year – the 911th prime number. That’s 6 months 11 days (611) before Super Bowl 50, or an inverted 119 symbol of the ZIONIST CABAL =50/131. (Super Bowl =131. Championship =131.) FIFTY-SEVEN =50/131 and RON RIVERA =57. His nickname is RIVERBOAT RON =157. Mickey Rivera died at age 57.

  • MICKEY RIVERA =67/139. Blood Sacrifice =67. North Carolina =67. Charlotte =39. Arizona =39. Freemasonry =139. MICKEY RIVERA SACRIFICED =216. 6x6x6 =216. 666+666+666+6+6+6 =2016.
  • Born 2/28/58 =53 (Ron was 53 at the time of his death), =88 (Poison / Program). And notice that 228 – a number we’ve been discussing much, as Brady’s playoff record is currently 22-8 and DEATH=228 etc. etc.
  • Died 7/28/15 = 43 (NFC Conference Championship =143), =50 (San Francisco / America) and of course Super Bowl 50; =70 (The Script is In). Ron Rivera born with numerology of 70 (1+7+62).

Ronald Eugene Rivera =95. Mickey Joseph Rivera =95. (Panthers founder) Jerry Richardson =95. Panthers played their first NFL game in ’95. QB1 Cam Newton is called Superman. Clark Kent =95. Christopher Reeve =95. He got fucked up from a horse, as the Panthers might be by the Broncos in the Super Bowl. 


  • NFC CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP =134. Pancreatic Cancer =134. If Arizona loses they’ll finish 13-4. If Arizona wins they’ll be 14-3. With the S-Exception, NFC CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP =143.

Mickey died 23 weeks 3 days (233) before his brother’s 54th birthday. MK-Ultra Mind Control =233. Levi’s Stadium Santa Clara California =332. That’s also 164 days which is the Gematria of deceased Eagles guitarist Glenn Frey’s character in Jerry Maguire, DENNIS WILBURN =164. He plays the GM of the Arizona Cardinals. And with regards to the 511, the first Super Bowl ever was played on 1/15 and Cam Newton’s birthday is 5/11. Saturn=511. Leader=115. Tom Brady was suspended for Deflategate on 5/11. Also, Mickey Rivera died 151 days after his last birthday.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 2.57.48 PM

  • The duration between his death and the NFC Conference Championship, for which he may have been sacrificed, is a span of 25 weeks 5 days (255). CHARLESTON CHURCH MASSACRE =255. Act of Terrorism =180.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 2.30.50 PM

Interesting to note is that both Cam Newton and Carson Palmer have thrown 35 touchdowns. Thirty-Five=61/142. Terrorist=61/142. The year the Panthers lost the Super Bowl to the Patriots (SB 38), the Pats had a 14-2 record. Panthers currently have 142 rushing yards per game and Palmer has made 42 more passing attempts than Newton (and 48 more completions). Rivera was born near San Francisco at FORT ORD =42. Freemason=42. 

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 3.21.09 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 3.22.40 PM

BOOM. Coach Rivera’s coded tweet, an admission of guilt in the ritual sacrifice of his brother in exchange for a Super Bowl visit. With regards to the 383, remember that Super Bowl 50 is on the 38th day of the year and Football=83. Peyton Manning born on the 38th day of the year and Tom Brady age 38 born on 8/3.

  • 1031: Coach Rivera =103. Championship =131.
  • Again, the RT/Favs hold clues too: FOOTBALL SHOWDOWN =69/204. Santa Clara CA =94. Home of the 49ers, a stadium on the 4900 block with two workers dying 490 days apart in its construction. 4:09 pm. BLACK PANTHERS =49.
  • Four O Nine =117. Mickey Rivera Sacrifice =117. Nine After Four =71. Pancreatic Cancer =71. Super Bowl Fifty =71. Seventy-One =144.

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