Saskatchewan School Shooting Hoax


La Loche Community School Shooting =161. Murder-Death-Kill =161. Omnipresent Government Surveillance =161. A mass shooting in Saskatchewan that lasted 42 minutes with 4 dead 2 wounded (Freemason =42) – the deadliest school shooting in Canada since l’Ecole Polytechnique Massacre Hoax in 1989. Notice it started at 1:05 (Masonry=105) and went to 1:47 (Police=147).

  • 42 minutes. Forty-Two =142. Terrorist =142. Bomb in Stadium =142.
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police =270. Psychological Warfare Machine =270. Super Bowl Fifty Sacrifice =270. Super Bowl on 2/7.

La Loche is located way up in Northern Saskatchewan at the end of Highway 155. Occult Ritual =155. False Flag Operation =551. The Illuminati =551. The Illusion =551. The Antagonist =551. Wikipedia gives the town a population of 2,611. That’s interesting because the Polytech Massacre happened 26 years 1 months 16 days ago. That far north it’s pretty much all First Nations people (3.4% of the population of La Loche identify as non-aboriginal).

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 9.12.04 PM

Canada School Shooting =86. January Twenty-Second =86. La Loche SK =86. One Forty-Seven PM =86. Domestic Terrorist =86. Did I just talk about 86 in my last report or did I just talk about 86 in my last report? “La Loche is Devastated”=68. PM Trudeau said, “This is every parent’s worst nightmare.”=442. Lone Wolf Terrorist =244. Military Mind Control =244. And the timestamp on the breaking news from the Saskatoon newspaper:

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 9.44.04 PM

  • [1/22/16] = 32 (La Loche SK / RCMP =23 / Saskatchewan Shooting =232), =59 (Kill / Mass Murder / Negro / Slave / Masonic Hoax / Acts of Terror), =14 (Dead / End).

4 thoughts on “Saskatchewan School Shooting Hoax

  1. Well, quite naturally Canada has to conform now to psyop operations to further the Agenda. I thought Canada would have done better than that. Trudeau just attended the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. They ‘pose’. Then they ‘posture’ after the meeting is over. They talk about world problems, but in actuality they are the creators of those problems. I get Canadian news here and it made me think –what a small, small world.


  2. At this point, this school shooting at La Loche looks, sounds and smells a lot like the Sandy Hook hoax.
    Will it turn out to be another fraud? Another textbook fake shooting incident? Will this be a small scale Canadian Sandy Hook?
    Will we see more nonexistent shooters and victims? More theatrical vigils and politicians denouncing guns? More mainstream media playing along with the hoax? More media solicitations for online financial donations by parents who have supposedly lost children? More crisis actors? Will La Loche have its own Adam Lanza and Robbie Parker? Maybe.
    Echoes of Sandy Hook — the interview with the RCMP spokesperson Maureen LEVY on The National was short on details. It leaves one skeptical about the existence of a real shooter and victims. Stay tuned.


  3. Unfortunately Canada does not have the level of media exposure, and this “shooting” was not on the scale of Sandy Hook, so we will probably never get the level of information and exposure that we got with Sandy Hook.


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