The World Series Earthquake and Another HAARP Catastrophe Teed Up For Super Bowl 50


But first, a blackout:

“At approximately 5:19 p.m. local time on December 19, 2011, Candlestick Park experienced an unexpected power outage just before a Monday Night Football game between the 49ers and the Pittsburgh Steelers. An aerial shot shown live on ESPN showed a transformer sparking and then the stadium going completely dark. About 17 minutes later, however, the park’s lights came back on in time for the game’s kickoff. With 12:13 remaining in the second quarter, another power outage created yet another 30-minute delay before play resumed again.” – Candlestick Park Wiki

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 9.21.46 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 9.24.43 PM

What do you know: the cleanest 216 weeks between that MNF blackout and Super Bowl 50 at Levi’s Stadium. 6x6x6=216 and of course it’s 2016. And that 1512: California Superstorm =1512. ONE HUNDRED FORTY-FOUR =1512. Mark of the Beast =144 and the sum of the first 144 digits of pi = 666.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 9.43.51 PM

First of all, Al Michaels (38/83) was at both the Loma Prieta Quake game AND the aforementioned blackout… AL MICHAELS =47. LOMA PRIETA =47. Oct 17th (10/17) (117) and it struck at FIVE O FOUR PM =117. HAARP SAN FRAN =117/63. And there were 63 people killed.

  • Recalling the 666 connection to the blackout: 10/17 (1+0+1+7) =9. 1989 (1+9+8+9 =27=9. 5:04 pm (5+0+4) =9. Combined we get 999 coded into the date. Baseball, a game built upon the number 9. The culmination of a cycle in numerology. 2+0+1+6 =9. Loma Prieta rated a Mercalli intensity of IX.
  • Loma Prieta =660. Loma Prieta Quake =66. World Series =66. NFL =66 (first Super Bowl was end of ’66 season). Fifty =66. Lambdha =66 (the origin of the letter L, which stands for 50). West Coast Blackout =66.


THE DAY THE WORLD SERIES STOPPED =131. PROJECT HAARP =131. SUPER BOWL =131. LIGHTS OUT =131. Loma Prieta Earthquake =91. Levi’s Stadium Santa Clara =91. EARTHQUAKE =44. EMP STRIKE =44. HAARP =44/26. Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco comes 26 years after the World Series Quake. God=26.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 10.29.09 PM

  • 26 and 322, to be exact. And the 9610 is an inverted 169. American =169. Thelema =169. The fulfilment of 69…
  • Loma Prieta registered as a 6.9 – False Flag =69. Super Bowl Quake =69. Outage =69. A number we’ve been seeing a lot of lately. Transformations and fractal harmonics, time and history repeating. The other way to look at the aforementioned date duration is 9690 days.

5:04 pm is 17:04. SUPER BOWL =1407. New World Order =174. Carolina Panthers =174. Batman =174. Lone Wolf Terrorism at Football Showdown =174.


The movie San Andreas (33) came out on 5/29/15. May 29th leaves 216 days in the year. Again, “Super Bowl Blackout”=216. That’s 8 months 11 days before Super Bowl 50. Death =118. State-Sponsored Terrorism =118. Homegrown Terrorism =118. Hundreds Dead in Huge Quake =118.

  • HAARP SAN FRANCISCO =94 (Santa Clara CA / San Francisco Bay Area / Terror / Terrorist Incident / Gakona Alaska / The Field of Jeans =949), =85 (Santa Cruz California / Blackout / Rogues), =166 (The Ninth Planet / Terror Threat / September Eleven / Disinformation / Social Engineering / One World Order) – the fulfilment of Loma Prieta Quake =66. West Coast Blackout =66. Super Bowl Fifty False Flag =266. Super Bowl EMP =990.

It’s also 256 days between San Andreas and Super Bowl 50. Madrid Fault Line Earthquake =256. Two Thousand Sixteen =256. The Rock =256. Rock is Dead =256. Sabotage =256. Hell’s Gate =256. Baphomet =256. NASA Lies =256. UFO =256. Appearance =256.

SUPER BOWL FIFTY UFO =239. A SUPER BOWL EARTHQUAKE =239. GOLDEN GATE =239. America is currently 239. SUPER BOWL TSUNAMI =228. SUPER BOWL FIFTY EMP =2023. Super Bowl Fifty Terrorism =332. Levi’s Stadium Santa Clara California =332.

  • Super Bowl Terrorism =104. Levi’s Stadium Santa Clara CA =104. Freemasons Bowl =104. Super Bowl Fifty False Flag Terrorism =401. Super Bowl =41.


One thought on “The World Series Earthquake and Another HAARP Catastrophe Teed Up For Super Bowl 50

  1. So much to think about there. Love all the date counts – very significant. Also enjoyed your “9” conclusion…..the SB on 2/7 =9, or 2+7+2+1+6 =18 =9.

    I wanted more on the East Coast “white-out” coming this weekend compared to the West Coast “blackout”, and how all that points to SB 50. You gave me an appetizer, but I’m hungry for a full meal on this subject.

    San Andreas =33……I remember tons of San Andreas tie ins to the Golden Gate Bridge, other false flags, & San Fran in general. Another angle we never investigated is the Gov of Cali – Jerry Brown =888. California =88.

    A random Gematria find – Disaster Date =125….or if looked at as a date, 1/25. Disaster Date =44.


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