The Ziggy Stardust – Kanye West Conspiracy


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Kanye West =1551 (Superiority Complex =1551). Freemasons =115. Psychological Operations =115. The Cult of the Supreme Being =115. White Hole =1105 (the other end of a black hole). Abundance Frequency =1105. August Sixth =1105: 8/6 in America and 6/8 in UK. Kanye West was born on 6/8 in America and 8/6 in UK.

There’s a conspiracy theory making the rounds that Ziggy Stardust foreshadowed the rise of Kanye West. While most will scoff and make a programmed reactive comment about tinfoil accessories, the numerology shows some curious connections:

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Kanye was born 11,109 days (1119) after Bowie. The Gang of Thirty-Three =1119. Super Terrorists =1119. Black Hole =119 (the other end of a white hole). Interdimensional Gateway =119. Star of David =119. High Priest =119. The Media Made Them Superstars =119. Death of the Ego =119. David Bowie Dies From Cancer =119. The Fall of Ziggy Stardust =119.

  • K.WEST. K=11. WEST=1095. Put those together: 11,109(5) —- (!!)
  • And as for that 30 years 5 months (305) value: in any given year, Bowie’s birthday falls exactly 30 weeks and 5 days (305) after Kanye’s —- (!!)

The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars =236 was released on June 16th, 1972 – that’s 1818 days before Kanye’s hatched. Jesus is Evil =1818. Witch Coven =1818. Warlockville =1818. I Love Wealth =1818. Ziggy and the Spiders =216. 6x6x6 =216. Kardashians are Witches =216. David Bowie Blood Sacrifice =216.


“The album cover photograph was taken outside furriers ‘K. West’ at 23 Heddon Street, London, W1., looking south-east towards the centre of the city. Bowie said of the sign, “It’s such a shame that sign went [was removed]. People read so much into it. They thought ‘K. West’ must be some sort of code for ‘quest.’ It took on all these sort of mystical overtones.” The post office in the background (now “The Living Room, W1″ bar) was the site of London’s first nightclub, The Cave of the Golden Calf, which opened in 1912.” – Ziggy Stardust, Wiki

  • Twenty-Three Heddon Street =120. Illuminati =120. Satanic Brotherhood of Saturn =120. Bowie died of cancer on a date with numerology of 20 (1+10+2+0+1+6) and the constellation cancer spans to the 120th degree of the zodiac. Ziggy & Lemmy Sacrificed =120. You’re a Rock N Roll Suicide =120.
  • Twenty-Thee Heddon Street London =140. There’s a Starman Waiting in the Sky =140. Fake Death =140. Hermaphrodite =140. Bowie Death Hoax =140 and he sold an estimated 140 million records worldwide.

And check that shit out: we’re looking SOUTH-EAST. Kanye’s daughter is NORTH WEST.

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Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 2.42.20 AM

2 thoughts on “The Ziggy Stardust – Kanye West Conspiracy

  1. I cast a cold, conspiracy-conscious eye on ALL musicians.
    Stimulating Scottish musical artists Boards of Canada; and Mogwai seem to feature some illuminati/Masonic imagery.
    Scotland is very Masonic.
    The two most recent Deftones albums have very solid songwriting in my opinion but one of them, “Diamond Eyes” seems very Masonic/illuminati in its imagery.

    Is it true that the Deftones were due to play the BATACLAN!!! on 14/15/16 November 2015?!?

    “Last year’s The Future’s Void tackled the black mirror of online identity (here she is talking recently to William Gibson, one of the album’s key inspirations), and in October she released ‘Active Shooter’ (song plus chilling video) in response to yet another mass killing in America. Now, here she is with the soundtrack to Tara Subkoff’s film #HORROR, which takes cyberbullying as its theme.”

    William Gibson = red flag
    ‘Active Shooter’ affirmation = red flag
    “cyberbullying” boosterism = red flag


  2. The Black Bowie =1115. Black David Bowie =123. Kanye Is The Black David Bowie =1440.

    Ziggy =923. Stardust =122. Wow, codes from 40+ years ago most relevant today.

    Kanye Is The Black Bowie =1200. Yeezus =1200.


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