8 thoughts on “Booyah

  1. That’s the Ticket! Booyah =66. NFL =66. Elway =66. Fifty =66. Two Seven Sixteen =66.

    Booyah =511. Saturn =511. And to show my worship for Saturn I will reveal the answer to the Chosen few who are reading this comment…..

    Denver Broncos Carolina Panthers Super Bowl Fifty =3150. Broncos =315.

    Super Bowl Winner =1680. Denver =68. Peyton Manning =68

    Super Bowl Winner =3002. NFL =32. Denver =32. Peyton =32.


  2. Its all about 72, 2/7. Example – Seventy Two =2390. Thats the Master Number to everything -239.

    And I’m holding back hard ore on you…just wanted to lay down that heavy hitting trifecta above, BUT..

    Seventy Two =168. Super Bowl Fifty Winner =1680. Denver =68. Peyton Manning =68. Etc, etc.

    Seventy Two =1008. Manning wears #18. Manning =72.

    Combined we’ve probably got over a dozen 72 related legitimate gematria clues that enforce these comments. Just get to get our thoughts all together in one place.

    Twenty Seven =172. Ok, I’m done – for now 🙂


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