Jail Break: The Sequel to Escape From New York

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Keeping with the ongoing theme of the yin/yang (JAIL BREAK =69), we’re fed another story of a prison escape – the last one being from New York’s Clinton Correctional (CC=33) on 6/6 of ’15 (Thirty-Three=66), and this one happening on the opposite side of the country; a jail break on 1/22 from an Orange County California lockup. Orange=33. And will ya look at that… the escape dates come exactly 33 weeks apart. The Masonic number of obsession. JAIL BREAK =33 and the prison is located on the 33rd parallel.

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The three men are JONATHAN TIEU (48/138), HOSSEIN NAYERI (71/89/161), and BAC DUONG (31/67). Authorities are now engaged in a massive manhunt through the Santa Ana region of Southern California, 40 miles southeast of LA. Media is calling it a “Bedsheet Escape” =54/117. A Massive Manhunt =54. “Manhunt for Inmates after Bedsheet Escape” =154. Orange County’s Central Men’s Jail =117 and located on the 117th meridian. Santa Ana =17.

“The men managed to get tools and cut through a quarter-inch-thick metal screen in a wall between some bunks in a dormitory they shared with more than 60 men, then used plumbing tunnels, cutting through additional half-inch steel bars, before making it to an unguarded area of the roof of the four-story building. On the roof, they removed some razor wire and rappelled down using ropes braided from linens, authorities said.”

  • Orange County Central Men’s Jail =314. Clinton Correctional Facility = 134.

The two escaped cons from last summer’s prison break hoax (who were the exact same height) were on the run for 22 days before one was recaptured and one was killed. Notice the 66 & 69 in the image: they escaped on 6/6 and Jail Break =69. The story came to a close on (6+28+20+15) =69.


And isn’t it odd that the escaped cons in NY left a note with a racist caricature of an Asian person and then exactly 33 weeks later two Asians escaped in Orange County? “Have a Nice Day” =53. Massive Manhunt =53. Police State =53. Richard Matt and David Sweat were discovered missing at 5:30 am.

The thing is, no one escaped from New York in June and no one escaped from LA in January. And now that I mention it, this narrative is rich with overtones of John Carpenter and “Snake Plissken”=47/74 (my favourite character). It’s a hoax in order to roll out martial law drills and police state conditioning.

And since we’re on the subject, if you haven’t seen Escape From New York (1981), the crime-ridden dystopian future has the entire island of Manhattan as a maximum security prison which Snake has to infiltrate in order to rescue the president – kidnapped after Air Force One is hijacked by domestic terrorists and crashed into NYC… If Snake succeeds he will be given a presidential pardon for his conviction of attempting to rob the Federal Reserve in Denver Colorado. He has 22 hours – like the 22 days the Clinton Correctional cons were allegedly on the lam.


(Also, today’s story of the Antarctic explorer’s death reminds me of another Kurt Russell – John Carpenter pairing in The Thing. Perhaps we’ll be hearing about Russell in the news in the next little while…)

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