Doomsday Clock Strikes Three Minutes to Midnight Bullshit Propaganda


The threat of oblivion puts humanity at ‘three minutes to midnight’, experts say. And if ‘experts say,’ well you know it must be true. Masons in white lab coats circle jerking Saturn. 

THREE MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT =114. aka TWENTY-THREE FIFTY-SEVEN =114. WORLD WAR =114. HOLOCAUST =114. The updated story of the unchanged clock comes exactly 14 weeks 1 day before this year’s Holocaust Remembrance Day on May 4th (conveniently Star Wars Day when “Star Wars”=119). In Hebrew that propaganda day is called YOM HASHOAH =59/113. Doomsday Clock =59. Kill =59. Project HAARP =59. Pro-Israel =113 and it’s Bava Kama 113 that permits a Jew to circumvent a Gentile by subterfuge. (There’s also a study that has recommended strategic arms reduction to a total 311 nukes on the planet.)

  • Holocaust Day =144. Time =144. Clock =44. Mark of the Beast =144. Number of the Beast =1044.
  • HOLOCAUST REMEMBRANCE DAY =241 (and May 4th leaves 241 days in the year!)
  • If we include the end date between the clock update on 1/16 and 5/4 — thats a coded 14 weeks 2 days =142, like Arch-Zionist =142. Terrorist =142. Bomb in Stadium =142. Fiftieth World Championship 142. Thirty-Eighth Day of Sixteen =142 (date of Super Bowl). METROPOLIS =142.

DOOMSDAY =33/96 and this is the name of the DC character who killed Superman, making an appearance in the upcoming flick. Nuclear Weapons =59, Doomsday Clock =59 and it’s 59 days till the movie comes out on March 25th.


Eleven Fifty-Seven PM = 97. Holocaust Remembrance Day =97. Doomsday =96. Nuclear Weapon Stockpile =96. Nuclear Weapon Hoax =196. NUCLEAR WEAPON =148. “THREE MINUTES IS TOO CLOSE. FAR TOO CLOSE” =148.

  • And based on my research, I’m pretty sure that nuclear weapons and atomic bombs are a big hoax to keep us scared and divided. If you compare the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with Tokyo and Dresden, it’s clear that they exhibit the same blast pattern as indicative of napalm carpet fire bombings. Nuke are PROPAGANDA fodder, like the doomsday clock.
  • A BOMB =33. DEADLY BLAST =33. FALSE FLAG =33. DOOMSDAY =33. The first Atomic test hoax was the Trinity Test on  7/16/1945 (7+1+6+1+9+4+5) =33. The fire bombing of Hiroshima happened on  8/6/1945 (8+6+1+9+4+5) =33.

LOOK AT THIS FUCKING GUY: Lawrence M Krauss =57/183. Pseudoscience =57/138.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 3.34.42 PM

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