Serena Williams and the Potential Radwanska Upset


[Much of the following information is from a dusty old draft I had from back in September when I first started the blog. After seeing a few interesting numbers, I put a few bucks on the underdog Agnieszka Radwańska to upset Serena in the Australia Open semi-final. It’s a stretch, and with all the match-fixing news lately it would really be a scandal for Williams to lose – although as we’ll see there are some curious connections to her da Vinci code Defeat on 9/11…]

Serena Williams was one championship away from a Grand Slam (all four Majors in a calendar year, a phenomenon not unlike the Blood Moon Tetrad), which would have made her the first woman to accomplish this feat since Steffi Graf in 1988. A victory could have tied Williams to Graf’s 22 Major championships for her career, but instead the 33-year-old on a 33-match win streak went down hard to Roberta Vinci, a 300-1 underdog.

“Twenty six times, Serena Williams had played a grand slam match in 2015. And all 26 times she emerged triumphant. But in her 27th encounter, Williams came unstuck against a stubborn Italian, Roberta Vinci, who wasn’t even seeded at the U.S. Open.”

Notice that upset was Williams 27th, like Super Bowl on 2/7. The numbers don’t lie. Williams took a dive. Notice the lack of tears she’s pretending to wipe away? Like Tiger Woods’ meltdown and subsequent forced retirement, it would appear that those behind the curtain would prefer the #1 position to be held by a Caucasian. (What does this say about Manning over Newton in the Super Bowl?) Indeed as the Gematria shows, the numbers are perfectly synchronized, as if each set were in fact choreographed.

Serena has a Gematria of 26, one of the God numbers (like the number of letters in the alphabet), her set was 2-6 and she stalled on her 26th victory. The other two sets went to Vinci, 6-4, 6-4, and her name Gematria equals 64 (Israel / Jubilee). Notice it happened three days before the start of the Jubilee Year in the Jewish tradition.

  • Serena = 221 (Female Lord / Tran) and 92 (Mason / Torah / Queen / Lesbian). Lol. Fitting.
  • Williams = 1079 (Transsexual Chaos / Criminal Organization / She-Wolf / Roberta Vinci) and 98 (Black People / Luciferian / Barack’s Wife).

What’s hilariously amazing about this Gematria is that some people believe Serena Williams is in fact a transgender man, and Venus is her brother. That they were mind-controlled since children by their psychotic father, similar to Tiger Woods, and programmed to dominate. Especially as men in a field of women. Either way, I think we can agree that Serena is certainly marketed as a “Female Lord / She-Wolf”.


[Serena Williams is dating Drake and I’m currently entertaining a vision of Pulp Fiction, where Serena refuses to throw the match and has to skip town immediately with Drake on the back of her stolen chopper. Drake asks, “Where’s my Honda?” and Serena replies, “Sorry, baby, but I had to crash that Honda.” Drake didn’t get to eat his blueberry pancakes and Serena keeps correcting him that it’s not a motorcycle, baby, it’s a chopper.]

  • And did you notice that the Jewish Gematria of Williams is equivalent to the Jewish Gematria of Roberta Vinci? Probably just another coincidence, eh.
  • Roberta = 318 (Comeback) / 79 (Murder / Chaos Magic) and Vinci = 761 (Islam Cold-Blooded Murder).

Indeed Roberta, the Comeback-Kid, symbolically murdered Serena in what may have been the result of a sorcerer’s chaos magic – and it coincided on September 11th with a crane owned by the Bin Laden family collapsing at Mecca and killing 111 people and injuring 394. It’s said that lightning struck the crane and brought it down.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 3.38.25 PM

Date has a life lesson number of 38 (1+28+2+0+1+6): RADWANSKA =38 and AGA RADWANSKA =38/47. (Her nickname is “The Professor”=83; “Radwanska Upsets Williams”=93.) Serena’s loss to Vinci was her 47th Grand Slam semifinal and this match on 1/28 comes exactly 47 weeks after Radwanska’s 26th birthday. So she’s 26 right now and Serena=26. This will be Radwanska & Williams’ 9th all-time matchup, the number of completion in 2016=9, with Williams undefeated at 8-0. Radwanska is rated the 9th highest-earning female athlete in the world.

  • Match is on 1/28/16 =45/65. The Professor =65.
  • It’s also 10 months 23 days (123) after Radwanska’s 26th birthday and then last time they met was on 10/23 of ’13.
  • Aga’s career record is: 510-219 (69.96%) – Serena has 69 WTA titles with a record of 741-123 (85.76%).
  • Aga born on 3/6 and “Aga Radwanska” =1136.

After posing nude for ESPN, Radwanska was dropped from the Polish Catholic ad campaign titled “I’m Not Ashamed of Jesus” =217 (Psychological Warfare / Broncos Super Bowl). Radwanska Williams Upset =271. Like Super Bowl 50 on 2/7? In Jewish Gematria, RADWANSKA=1127. SB comes exactly 10 days after this match: TEN DAYS LATER =144. RADWANSKA SERENA WILLIAMS UPSET =144/333.


Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 4.47.06 PM

5 thoughts on “Serena Williams and the Potential Radwanska Upset

  1. I’m looking at the odds now….paying 5.25 to 1. Radwanska =552.

    Smokin Hot =124. Aussie Open =124. Radwanska is Smokin Hot playing in the Aussie Open.

    Aussie Open Winner =207. I’ll be rooting for the upset!


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