Broncos Super Bowl Champions

Due to the wonders of Gematria, the cryptography of the cryptocracy, it’s a deadset lock on the Denver Broncos as Super Bowl 50 Champions. The symbolism as predicted of the White Bronco VS the Black Panther – OJ Simpson and Huey P Newton; all-white jerseys VS all-black jerseys – further fanning the race-war flames that the psychological warfare machine called corporate media has been fuelling all year (of course all of history, really, but lately like it’s personal.) And taking it to another level of symbolism, the white QB called The Sheriff going up against Superman, the alien from Krypton, reminding us subconsciously of police brutality and illegal immigration. Secret society  choreographed reenactments on a global stage (such as the eternal battle of Tiamat VS Marduk, Order conquering Chaos through infinity); and the utterly masonic Fraternal Order of Police, staging or hoaxing political murders as part of a larger agenda:

  • Assassin=411, like JFK shot from 411 Elm Street during the Civil Rights Movement. DENVER BRONCOS SUPER BOWL FIFTY CHAMPS =411. Super Bowl 50 is held on the THIRTY-EIGHTH DAY OF TWENTY SIXTEEN =411. On the Thirty-Eighth Day =114. 

Several months ago I saw an NFL commercial flash the numbers 1 & 54 alongside Broncos imagery into my subconscious. I looked it up and found it’s been 154 years since Denver was incorporated as a town. DENVER BRONCOS =154. LEVI’S STADIUM =154. DENVER BRONCOS WIN SUPER BOWL FIFTY =154. SUPER BOWL FIFTY MVP PEYTON MANNING =154 (the fulfilment of 54). BLACK VS WHITE =54. LUCKY MANNING =54 (and Coach Kubiak is 54 years old).


Super Bowl on 2/7. Manning born March 24th [3+24]=27 and playing in his 27th playoff game. Broncos currently 2-for-7 in Super Bowls (win to go 3-for-8 on the 38th day of the year).

  • The only time Manning has ever faced Newton (11/11/12), Broncos won 36-14 (with a sum of 50) and Manning was 27-of-38 passing. 
  • Kubiak is the 2nd coach in Broncos history and the 7th coach in NFL history to reach the Super Bowl in his first year as head coach. 
  • Broncos have gone to 7 Super Bowls with QBs drafted by the Colts. The Colts have done so twice. 

Santa Clara =27. Masons =27. Play Ball =27. Ritual =27. Super Bowl Sacrifice =270. The Number of the Beast =207. Peyton MVP Super Bowl Fifty =127. California’s Deadliest Earthquake =1027. Twenty-Seven =172.

  • Super Bowl Blackout =72. L =72. Act of Terrorism =72. Fake Terror =702. Bronco Buster =702. Bruce Wayne =702. Two-Two-Three =172. Colorado Destroyer =1072. 
  • Super Bowl rings are said to cost $36,500 each: Thirty-Six Thousand Five Hundred Dollars =172/451. Denver Broncos Win Super Bowl Fifty =154. 

And the merger of 27/72 is 272. Super Bowl L False Flag =1272. Southern California Earthquake =1272. October Thirty-First =1272 [like 10/31 =131= Super Bowl]. The Beginning =272. Golden Apple =272. Ben Affleck Batman =272. Fan Club =272. The Lucky Peyton Manning =272. The sum of its inverse, 272+727=999.

  • Broncos Super Bowl =1722. February Seventh =1722. (It’s also 7 months 22 days since the 21st anniversary of OJ Simpson’s high speed chase in the white Bronco).
  • 22/7 is the approximation for Pi, indicative of cycles and fractal harmonics; the Fibonacci sequence of (…55, 89, 144, 233…)
  • Race-Baiting=89. GOLDEN SB FIFTY =144. LUCKY MANNING =144. QUEEN CITY OF THE WEST =1440 (Denver’s nickname). BRONCOS HEAD COACH GARY KUBIAK =1440. MK-Ultra Mind Control =233. Levi’s Stadium Santa Clara California =332. Super Bowl Fifty Terrorism =332.

With all this 27-Cycle coding in mind, understand that it’s been exactly 14 years 4 months (144) and 27 days between Super Bowl 50 and 9/11/01.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 1.31.20 AM

Denver Wins Super Bowl Fifty =123. Manning MVP =123/51. Conspiracy =123/51. Gary Kubiak Super Bowl Fifty =123. Broncos Head Coach Gary Kubiak =123.

  • Broncos Win Super Bowl Fifty =122/131. Manning MVP Super Bowl Fifty =122/131/320. San Francisco =122 (on the 122nd parallel). A Golden Jubilee =122. Golden State =122. The Golden Super Bowl =221. Super Bowl =131. Championship =131.
  • Coach Kubiak Wins Super Bowl Fifty =131. (Elway’s backup and first person to ever play and coach the Super Bowl for the same team). Broncos won their last Super Bowl, Super Bowl 33, on 1/31/99. (1+3+1+1+9+9+9) =33 and (1+31+99) =131.
  • When Manning scores a TD at this year’s Bowl, he’ll surpass Elway to be the oldest in history to do so: MANNING OLDEST TO SCORE TOUCHDOWN =131. (FIFTY-SEVEN =131). GOLDEN=57.


75 miles north of Levi’s Stadium is Bohemian Grove (New World Order =75), which appears to be playing an integral role in the Super Bowl mega-ritual. Bohemian Grove sits on 2,700-acres. Twenty-Seven Hundred =84. Bohemian Grove =804. It’s in “Monte Rio CA” =50/113 (like Super Bowl 50, San Francisco =50) and there’s a 33-year-long waiting list to become a member. There’s also 119 “curiously and sometimes appropriately named camps” (Star of David =119 / All-Seeing Eye =119 / The Broncos =119). Established in 1878, the Grove is 138 years old (fulfilment of 38th day).

  • One Hundred Thirty-Eight Years Later =381. Broncos Super Bowl Fifty Champions =381. Final Super Bowl =1038. Carolina Denver =1038. Denver Wins Super Bowl Fifty =3801/330. Gary Kubiak Super Bowl Fifty =303. Denver area code is 303. 

The Golden Bowl falls on the 138th day of the Jubilee Year (i.e. 138 days since Yom Kippur on 9/23/15). Thirty-Eighth Day =1239/187. The Denver Broncos =187.

  • Carolina Colorado =156. Fourteen Years Since Nine Eleven =156 (the 911th prime number). Broncos ended this season with 651 total points (for and against) and in Elway’s four Super Bowl appearances he made a total 156 rushing attempts.

THE GROVE =46. SATANIC ELITE =46. This will be the 46th Super Bowl of the modern era. LEVI’S STADIUM =46. DENVER BRONCOS =64. JUBILEE =64. Thelema =64. Do What Thou Wilt =64. 
Carolina Denver =69. Manning VS Newton =69/2092. Two Thousand Sixteen =2092. PEYTON SUPER BOWL FIFTY =292. [Bohemian Grove’s motto] WEAVING SPIDERS COME NOT HERE =292. Alien Controlled Government =292. Maning V Newton =1110. Jubilee Bowl False Flag =1110. Like their sole matchup on 11/11; like the four  framed Newton jerseys in that commercial with the Newton clones. 

This will be the 12th Super Bowl in California and the 1st in San Francisco. It will be Broncos’ 8th appearance (tied for most ever). Broncos have also lost the most Super Bowls in history (5). Again, that makes them 2/7 on 2/7 – and a win makes them 3/8 on the 38th day of the year. DENVER BRONCOS SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS =383. CAROLINA VS DENVER =83. MVP PEYTON MANNING =83. Manning born on the 83rd day of the year. WINNER =83. FOOTBALL =83. FIFTIETH =83. 

  • The Super Bowl 50 logo is: Silver and Gold =61/142. Terrorist =61/142. The Golden Bowl =142/1211. Peyton Super Bowl Fifty =112. Zionist =112. 

Manning #18: 6+6+6=18. 6x6x6 =216. Super Bowl Blackout =216. KUBIAK SUPER BOWL FIFTY =2160. PANTHERS BRONCOS SUPER BOWL =2106. DENVER BRONCOS SUPER BOWL FIFTY =2106. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ =2106/126. ALPHABET HAS TWENTY-SIX LETTERS =2106. EXTRATERRESTRIAL VISITATION =2106. The Alphabet Bowl =150. Completion =50/122. San Francisco =50/122.

**my bets are on Denver for the dubya; Von Miller MVP; and Denver exact score bets of 21-18, 24-20, 21-17, 26-20. Fingers crossed for a win for Gematria!

6 thoughts on “Broncos Super Bowl Champions

  1. Open up a Merch Store…..I’d love to buy that post as a Framed Masterpiece!

    All that info is really overwhelming, and I suppose it should be as an entire season unravels to become the result of SB50.

    Von Miller Super Bowl MVP =302. NFL =302. Peyton =32. Von =51. MVP =51…..too bad its not SB 51 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha thank you, my man. You know it’s a genuine team effort though, I couldn’t have done it without ya! Merch Store now under construction. Hand-crafted Gematria originals (and Extra-Capsa bookmarks).

      And the thing about VON=51 / MVP=51 is Fifty-One =46 and it’s the 46th Super Bowl of the modern era.


  2. 107y7m7d after Tunguska
    1776.44 % of a common year after release of Deep Impact movie
    4044th / 11y27d day since Deep Impact mission launched its “370kg” projectile into Tempel 1 comet on a 4th of July, madonna did blasphemously define the Super Bowl as a holy of Holies


  3. You did a great job breaking down the gematria! I have to give you much props on that. This will be an interesting game. I know the Panthers are the favorites for sure. But something tells me Denver will pull this one out. It might be a close game but the Broncos will win in the end. And Las Vegas is going to make a So many people will bet on the Panthers. I think it’ll be the swan song for Manning. It will be orchestrated so he leaves the NFL on a high note. It’s all staged. But it will still be interesting to say the least.


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