Deciphering Super Bowl Sod


Even the turf is coded, we find as an ESPN article from the 33rd day of the year discusses the grass game. The Field Director, Ed Mangan, has worked 27 Super Bowls. MANGAN =50. And of course this is Super Bowl 50 on 2/7. The grass comes from a California sod farm called WEST COAST TURF =46. LEVI’S STADIUM =46. This is the 46th SB of the modern era. 

  • Ed Mangan =59. San Francisco =59. Ed Mangan =32. NFL =32. Denver =32. Broncos =32. Denver Broncos =64. West Coast Turf =64. And the farm is located in LIVINGSTON CA =64. 
  • West Coast Turf =1140. On The Thirty-Eighth Day =114. Peyton Manning Eighteen =114. 

Mangan has been Super Bowl Field Director for 16 years. The last time the Broncos won the Super Bowl was 16 years ago on a date with 33 numerology. Sixteen=33. 

The article points out that the backup sod farm is Carolina Green (122) outside Charlotte, perhaps subconsciously priming the Panthers as runner-up. 


NUMBER EIGHTEEN =536. Is this one of those “coincidences” or is it another detail highlighting a Peyton Manning victory? Like the Broncos logo ‘accidentally’ being painted on both end zones

Fun Facts! West Coast Turf delivered 669 tons of a hybrid strain called Bermuda 419. Manchurian Candidates =669 (a lot like 666). Image of the Beast =419. The Master =419. 

  • A football field takes up about 58,000 sq ft of grass. FREEMASONRY=58. West Coast Turf harvested 75,000 square feet for the Super Bowl field. NEW WORLD ORDER =75. 


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