Black Oscars and the Super Racist Bowl


What a time stamp! These twisted bastards. Notice the 5-9 bookends in that breakdown. NEGRO=59. SLAVE=59. Black Propaganda =59. Beast Six Six Six =59. And of course the White Bronco vs Black Panther rigged fiasco is all about racial division and the enslavement of the human race. 

And will ya look at that; the title is even coded with the black qb vs white qb numbers 1 & 18. Peyton MVP Super Bowl Fifty =118. Carolina Destroyer =1018. 


“White fans are more likely to favor the Broncos (49 to 36 percent), while black fans have the Panthers winning by a larger margin (52 to 28 percent).” – ESPN

Another article from the same day (2/3) discusses “The Black Oscars” =137/47/65, which were run by a private group called “Friends of the Black Oscar Nominees” =137. Black People Awards =65/74. The Nigger Awards =159 (the fulfilment of 59). Racist Awards =136. Nigger =360. 

The Black Oscars (officially the Tree of Life Awards), ran the night before the Oscars for 26 years, from 1981 to 2007. At the time of its inception, “only 27 African Americans had been nominated in the 52-year history of the Oscars, with only three winning.” Not only do we have yet another 27 coded into the media (perhaps 9/11 style predictive programming?) – along with the 2007 date – but the 52nd prime is 239, the age of America and the Sept 23rd start of the Jubilee Year. Also, 27+52=79. NIGGERS=79 (14+9+7+7+5+18+19).

  • Gematria also explains the reason these sick fucks ran the Black Oscars for 26 years: Twenty-Six =42/159 [see above]. Twenty-Six Years =65. The Black Oscars =65. Black People Awards =65. 

#OscarsSoWhite =75/174/1044. New World Order =75/174. Number of the Beast =1044. 

3 thoughts on “Black Oscars and the Super Racist Bowl

  1. With Race front & center……let’s not forget this in all in celebration of – Black History Month =213.

    Lupercalia begins on 2/13. February Thirteenth =223. This is a Leap Year – from 2/13 there are 322 days left in the year. So Lupercalia is 6 days after the SB – Six =399. Lupercalia =399. Murder =399.

    Lupercalia is on the 44th day of the year, and runs through the 46th day of the year & its the 46th NFL SB. Kill =44. Forty Four =144, and Brother Berg made a Monster 144 point in the post w/ Game Bigger Than Race. Carolina Panthers =1044.

    Black History Month =1001. Black Panther =111. Cam wears #1. Number One =107. Cam =17.

    This lil decode would suggest that 2/13 is not going to be a lucky day for Cam. There’s been a bunch of 187 coding around this SB, and 187 is the California Police code for Homicide….

    Homicide =66. NFL =66. Fifty =66. Homicide =118. Death =118. Cam is #1 / Peyton is #18 =118.

    Super Bowl Fifty =197. Super Bowl Homicide =197. Pro Football Player =197.

    Cam Is Dead =59. Kill =59. And as the post mentioned – Negro =59. Slave =59.

    FIFTY NINE =108. BLACK QB =108. CAM NEWTON =108.


  2. Hey maestro. Check out this website He looks at things fromnthe spiritual side and has predicted the superbowl correctly 3 years in a row! He says the superbowl is a occult ritual and the halftime show is telling to what they are trying to accomplish and most importantly the Planetary Alignments on the day of the game are what is key. 2 years ago the Broncos were favored to beat seahawks but he said after looking at planet alignments seattle was gonna win big and the pale horse was gonna be sacrificed to the red planet mars which was aligned over the field. Deep deep stuff for sure check it out. This year he says the Panthers are gonna win eventhough the Gematria has been huge for broncos, he said a big clue is the Broncos are wearing all White jerseys which doesnt resonate with Mars which is in the planetary alignment in this years game. If they wore the normal orange /white jerseys they would become the Dark Horse (katy perry) but they will again be sacrificed in this years game because of the white jerseys. The planet mercury is a huge sign in this years ritual at halftime which he says resonates with carolina panthers grey helmets the God known as Pan will be a huge factor also because of his sexual motto Do as thy wilt so to speak. Have sex with anyone and anything. Basically the superbowl ritual this year is aimed at finishing off americas belief system in marriage between man and a woman. The movement that is swerping america the Gay agenda and they are going to use the power of this years superbowl ritual to attract the Dark entities they bring down from the heavens in these events to further erode americans sexual behaviors. The band Coldplay won the Mercury award and thats why they were chosen as a performer he said that will resonate with planet Mercury and give Power to the Ritual. Its very very Deep stuff but he has predicted the last 3 correctly so he must be taken seriously. He said there will be alot of points scored because they will need a highly charged ritual this year. Also planet Mercury is 5. Thats why they went to superbowl 50 drop the zero and its 5 which gives more power to there mercury ritual. Check it out.


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