No Drone Zone and the History of Stadium Crashes

Evil’s Stadium will be locked down in a 32-mile NO DRONE ZONE =64.  LEVI’S STADIUM =64. NFL =32. Denver =32. Broncos =32. Denver Broncos =64. It also extends 18,000 feet up. Like Manning #18? It’s in effect from 2pm until 11:59pm. That’s 599 minutes: ZION =599. 

No Drone Zone =64/145. Zion =64. Do What Thou Wilt =64. Thelema =64. Order of Thelema =145.  The fulfilment of 45 like the numerology of Super Bowl Sunday (2+7+20+16). Black VS White =45. 

The LA Times article cites two recent incidents of drones crashing into stadiums: one at the US Open on 9/3/15 and one 48 hours later at the University of Kentucky football home opener. It also mentions the 1993 incident where a parachutist named James Miller (45/117) party-crashed a heavyweight championship fight. Notice the ’93 and 9/3 parallel: Propaganda =93. Super Bowl Fifty Crash =93. 

The tennis incident happened at Louis Armstrong Stadium (117) in New York. Louis Armstrong =66. NFL =66 and the first Super Bowl was in the ’66 season. West Coast Blackout =66. And the CNN story was last updated at 11:31 AM, like the fulfilment of 131 = Super Bowl. 

That makes the UK incident 156 days prior to Super Bowl 50. The 911th prime number is 156. False Flag =156. Fourteen Years Since Nine Eleven =156. 

  • Kentucky Wildcats =66/201. Louis Armstrong =66/201. University of Kentucky =95 and it happened on 9/5. Domestic Terrorist =95. Mossad Conspiracy =95. Super Bowl Terrorism =95. Homegrown Terror =95. Levi’s Stadium Santa Clara CA =95. Golden Anniversary =95. Two Thousand and Sixteen =95. Super Bowl Fifty Champs =95. 

UK (21+11) =32. Like that 32 mile No Drone Zone. Kentucky =29. Drone =29. Football =29. Super Bowl Drone Crash =92. Wildcats =28. PsyOp =28. Drone Warfare =128. 

  • SUPER BOWL FIFTY DRONE CRASH =122. San Francisco =122. Golden State =122. A Golden Jubilee =122. 
  • Drone Crashes Into Super Bowl =147. Denver Broncos Super Bowl Fifty Champions =147. Super Bowl =1407. 

As it turns out, a plane once crashed into Baltimore’s Memorial Stadium, home to the Colts from ’53-83 before they moved to Indianapolis (and eventually acquired John Elway in ’83 and Peyton Manning, born on the 83rd day of the year). The crash happened on 12/19/1976, just minutes after an NFL playoff game between Colts and Steelers (which Pittsburgh won 40-14). No one was injured. 

  • December 19th leaves 12 days left in the year, like the US Open drone crash by seat #12. And notice the Piper Cherokee was blue and white, the Kentucky Wildcats colours… 
  • Memorial Stadium =1038. Super Bowl 50 is on the 138th day of the Jubilee Year and Bohemian Grove is 138 years old. Denver Wins Super Bowl Fifty =3801 and they’ll have won 3/8 championships on the 38th day of the year. 

Get this, the pilot’s name was DONALD N KRONER =64/145. NO DRONE ZONE =64/145 (!!) 

  • [12+19+1+9+7+6] =54. Freemasonic =54. Terrorism =54. It’s 5 months 4 days between the US Open drone crash and SB50. 
  • [12+19+19+76] =126. Seventh of February =1260. The plane’s callsign 5+6+2+7+6 =26. 

This plane crashed happened exactly 39 years 1 month 19 days before Super Bowl 50. In case you’re new here, 39 and 119 are two of the all-time most Zionist numbers. That’s also 2042 weeks. PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING =242. TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL =242. THE NEW WORLD ORDER =1242. COGNITIVE DISSONANCE =1242. MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY =1242. And 1242 is equivalent to 207, like the SB date of 2/7. 


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