The Predicted Larry Bird Murder                                 


Larry=74. Bird=33. And of course he wore #33. Larry Joe Bird =1331/137. The 33rd prime is 137. Massachusetts =33. 

He was born on 12/7, like the fulfilment of 2/7. Primed for a Super Bowl Sacrifice. Super Bowl =131. Boston Celtics Sacrifice =131. CELTICS SACRIFICE =144. 

The ESPN article foreshadowing his early death cites the suspicious death of Moses Malone, who died 17 days after his 76ers teammate Darryl Dawkins. Malone died on 9/13, exactly 144 days before this article. 144, the number coded in all assassinations. Dawkins died 5 months 9 days before the article. And let’s realize that Mr. Bird is currently 59 years old. Kill =59/17. 

  • Larry Bird Will Die Young =119 (Star of David / All-Seeing Eye / Thelemic Magick). 


One thought on “The Predicted Larry Bird Murder                                 

  1. Extra-Capsa scoring on the fast break! Your opening 74/33 is exactly the perfect Tweet – along with the link to your post. I know I always say that, but maybe tweet the Writer just that, and then she will tweet out your link.

    I’ll give you the “in” – MacMullan =90, and Ninety =33. Larry Legend – L L =3 3.

    Jackie MacMullan =207 (Bacon). MacMullan =27. Indiana State =702. Bird Avg’d 30.3 points & 13.3 rebounds in College..

    Tell Jackie, Extra-Capsa would love to research/write for her 🙂


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