The Two Minute Warning Warning


“A psychotic sniper plans a massive killing spree in a Los Angeles football stadium during a major championship game.” This movie came out 38 days before an airplane crashed into the Baltimore Colts stadium immediately following a playoff game. Death =38. Masonic =38. The movie takes place at “Memorial Coliseum” =183, and the real life incident was at “Memorial Stadium” =1038. 

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum =112/292. “Ninety-One Thousand People” =112/292, and the film released on 11/12. Deadly Rampage =112. Zionist =112. (The alternate 911). TWO MINUTE WARNING =226/82. LEVI’S STADIUM SANTA CLARA =82. SUPER BOWL DISASTER =226.  And Super Bowl 50 comes exactly 2 months 26 days after the 39th anniversary of the movie’s release. 

  • [11+12+1+9+7+6] =46. Levi’s Stadium =46. Super Bowl 50 is the 46th championship of the modern era. 
  • [11+12+19+76] =118. Death =118. Homegrown Terrorism =118. And of course Newton and Manning, #1 and #18. 
  • [1+1+1+2+1+9+7+6] =28. PsyOp =28. Israel =28. Thelema =28. Two Minute Warning =82. It came out 8 weeks 2 days before Super Bowl XI (1 month 28 days). 

And there’s a connection between the year of release 1976 and 2016: TWO THOUSAND SIXTEEN =76.  

You gotta love the tagline. Ninety-One =49/121. Revelation =49/121. Ninety-One Thousand =223/88. The Synagogue of Satan =223. Domestic Terrorist =223. California =88. Thirty-Eighth Day =88. 

  • Thirty-Three Exit Gates =104. Super Bowl Terrorism =104. Levi’s Stadium Santa Clara CA =104. Freemasons Bowl =104. Super Bowl Fifty False Flag Terrorism =401. 
  • One Sniper =52/115. Freemasons =52/115. The 52nd prime is 239, America’s current age. The movie has a runtime of 115 minutes. THE SNIPER =397. FREEMASONS =397. 

If we sum the numbers coded into the tagline and title: 91+33+1+2 =127. The fulfilment of 2/7? California’s Deadliest Earthquake =1027. 

The game in the movie is dubbed “Championship X” =74/155. Masonic =74 and the movie runs 1 h 55 min. X=144. The teams playing are supposed to be Baltimore and Los Angeles. Again, 38 days later a plane crashed into a Baltimore playoff game. 

  • The Sniper’s name is CARL COOK =33. CC =33. Cook =44. Kill =44. Carl Cook =78. Mass Shooting =78. Carl Cook =217 (Psychological Warfare / Paris-Style Jihadism / Broncos Super Bowl). 

The movie came out 58/59 days before Super Bowl “XI”=33. Game between Raiders and Vikings was played in Pasadena for another Cali connect. The total score summed to 46 like SB 50 is the 46th of modern era and Levi’s Stadium =46. 

This was the Raiders’ first Super Bowl victory (John Madden’s only ring), with QB Ken Stabler at the helm. His nickname was The Snake =38. Raiders =38. Baltimore plane crash happened 38 days after the film. Championship X =74. Raiders =74. Stabler won 74 games with the Raiders and was MVP in ’74. Stabler just died at age 69, 215 days before SB 50. SUPER BOWL SUNDAY =215. The Book of Revelation of Jesus Christ to John the Apostle =215. Read more about Stabler on Zach’s blog – he’s back in the news just days before the Bowl, having been found to have CTE=28 in postmortem study. 

  • Kenneth Michael Stabler =88. John Madden =88. California =88. Thirty-Eighth Day =88. Ninety-One Thousand =88. 

Stabler died July 8th. The sniper’s name ‘Carl Cook’ =78. Super Bowl Sacrifice =87. And the numerology of Super Bowl XI [1+9+77] =87. 

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