Origami and the Case of the NYC Crane Collapse 

Crane collapse in NYC has killed 1 injured 3 and reminded the world of the lightning caused crane collapse (owned by the Bin Laden family) at Mecca on 9/11 of last year. That’s 147 days ago. Super Bowl =1407. Denver Broncos Super Bowl Fifty Champions =147. Sixth St Viaduct Demolition =147. Not only did the symbolism of a structural collapse at an Islamic holy site on the 14th anniversary of the September 11th attacks foreshadow this scenario, there were 111 killed at Mecca. New York =111. 

  • One One One =102/48. The fatality is a Jew named as “David Wichs” =102/48. Rothschild Zionist =102. Al Qaeda =102. 9/11 lasted 102 minutes. Lone Wolf Terrorism =102. Wichs like witches? Evil =48. Six Six Six =48. Illuminati =48. 
  • DW (4+5) like Super Bowl falling on a day with 45 numerology. Wichs was 38 years old and died at 8:30 AM! 38=Death and SB is on the 38th day of the year. This number coded into nearly every suspicious death of 2016. 

David =40 and it happened at 40 ‘Worth St’ =33/123 and FDNY dispatched 33 units. Forty Worth St =72/207. Is this foreshadowing mechanical failure at Super Bowl on 2/7? The Worthst is yet to come? Super Bowl Blackout =72. Twenty-Seven =72. Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the country, LA’s 6th St Bridge is being torn down, which will close part of the 101 for – 40 hours. 40 this number associated with transformation in holy texts. 


It’s 21 weeks 2 days between Mecca Crane Collapse and SB50. Sixth St Bridge =212. Super Bowl L Terrorism =212. The NYC crane collapsed at 8:30 AM, 16.5 hours before demolition begins on the bridge. Football =83.

The last time this happened in Manhattan was March 15, 2008. That’s exactly 391 weeks before the Mecca Collapse (Quran =391 / Mossad Did It =391 / Paper Birds =391) and exactly 412 weeks before this latest incident (FBI Terror =412 / Cayce =412 / Three Cubed =412). 3x3x3 =27. David Witches =127. Origami =72. 

  • The collapse came exactly 2 days 10 hours before kickoff. Seventh of February =210. 


In Japanese lore, the crane is a mystical and holy creature, symbolizing good fortune and longevity due to its fabled lifespan of a thousand years. So perhaps the collapse or ‘death’ of a crane symbolizes the end of an era, the fall of an empire. Another thousand-crane connection is found in the traditional belief that if one folded 1,000 origami cranes one’s wish would come true. 

Update yourself on the Mecca Crane Collapse and the HAARP-Induced Stampede 14 Days Later. 

One thought on “Origami and the Case of the NYC Crane Collapse 

  1. The percentage of this happening is probably pretty low considering how many cranes like this are being used around the world, but it still seems to be an accident that happens often.
    They need to do whatever to see it stops.
    I saw one in China where there were what looked like a few 100 of them all up on the top of new buildings.
    There I could understand how it could happen as you watch therm working and see such a lack of safe working conditions.


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